The Military Has a Problem?

....interceptions and military close encounters have been a constant feature of the UFO phenomenon from the 1940's until the present day....There is trouble in paradise. What is going on?... ~ Richard Dolan

UFO Documentation? Disclosure? Why The Secrecy?

Terrestial? Extraterrestial? Social Engineering Psyops?

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Roswell and The Reich, Joseph P. Farrell

The Byte Show's GeorgeAnn Hughes Interviews Joseph P. Farrell: Nazi International Social Engineering?

Part 1, Roswell and The Reich, The Byte Show
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Part 2, Roswell and The Reich, The Byte Show
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Part 3, Roswell and The Reich, The Byte Show
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Part 2, 6:10 minutes: The reason that the military panicked in New Mexico in July of 1947 was NOT because they had recovered something extraterrestial, but that they had recovered something Nazi. And they new it. And if they recovered something Nazi, and it was not Our Nazi's (Operation Paperclip Nazis) flying it around in the skies of New Mexico, after all we would have known about that. If it's something Nazi, then it is not soviet and it means the Nazi's are out there and they are still researching this stuff. ~ Joseph P. Farrell, Roswell and The Reich

Part 1, 36:40 minutes: By the time that NASA is actually signed into law by President Eisenhower and the agency is created, guess what has happened? And I mention this in Roswell and the Reich. The exact chain of command that existed amongst these Nazi rocket scientists in Nazi Germany has been successfully reduplicated by them inside of NASA. So that you have the same people doing in NASA exactly the same jobs that they were doing for Hitler. ~ Joseph P. Farrell, Roswell and The Reich

Majestic 12 Transcript

Majest!c 12 Documents: R0$well and Aztec Excerpt Pages. Authentic? Manipulated? Both? Click and zoom to magnify:
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Linda Moulton Howe Explains

ET Wars: FDR-TrumanUFO file Connection, Pre-WWII-Hitler Connection, 1920 Germany Connection.

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Marcell Jr. Majestic-Roswell Timeline

Who, What, Where, When. From the military / DIA documents:

Jesse Marcel Jr: Timeline

...The crash near R0swel! occured sometime in the evening of 2/3 July 1947. At about 20:47 hours at least two dozen persons in the area observed a bright yellow or sun colored disc-shaped object over the area...

....On 3 July 1947, in the early afternoon, the widely scattered wreckage was discoved by local ranch manager William Brazel and his son and daughter. The authorities at the Roswell Field Army Air Forces Base were alerted by Mr. [Mac] Brazel....and two officers of the base were guided to the crash site by the ranch manger. These were Major Jesse Marcel...and Captain Lee Caviit.....

..When the two officers returned to Roswell Field with samples of the crash site material, they immediately reported to Colonel William Blanchard of Air Tactical Command.....Colonel Blanchard released an official press statement confirming that wreckage of a flying disc had been recovered.....

..In Roswell, Major Marcel was ordered by Colonel Blanchard to load the debris onboard a B-29 aircraft and fly it to Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson AFB) at Dayton, Ohio....

LA Marzulli Explains

UFO Disclosure: The Coming Great Deception and the Luciferian Endgame

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Stay Deyo Explains

Stan Deyo, Tesla-Trump Connection, AussiePineGap Connection, Electro-Gravitic Drives.

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The Chariot-Throne of The Most High

This is just a clarification using ancient sources. The authors at EnergyMe333 are UFO-truthers and find strong evidence for both earthly UFOs and extra-terrestial UFOs. These UFOs are recognized by their incredible propulsion and maneuvering abilities - plasma drives, magnetic-gravitic or something else? We don't know.

That being said, the Chariot-Throne of The Most High God is described in the ancient documents. It does not fit the UFO profile. Ezekiel the Prophet gives us a fascinating account (Ezekiel 1:15). Listen to Dr. Michael Heiser. Fast forward to 1:14 minutes.

The chariot-throne of the Most High is powered by four living creatures and four wheels. Each creature has four wings and four faces. The four creatures are described as the energy-control source for the wheels. There is a wheel next to each creature. Each of the four wheels is described as a wheel within a wheel (gyroscopic) full of living eyes. Four creatures. Four Wheels. They carry a radiant surface which carries the Throne of God. Not a UFO. We get it.

Richard Dolan Explains

Richard Dolan, UFOs & the National Security State (See documents list below)

Militaries & UFOs: Life & Death Encounters. Interview starts at 12:00 min.

UFO FOIA Disclosure Documents

Richard Dolan, Why the Secrecy? More on the Breakaway Civilization

UFO Encounters with the World Militaries (2015)