$atanists in the temple

Global Ped0Cr1me Network
Elite Ped0philia Crimes. Narco-trafficking, Money Laundering and Double-Lives

Please be advised that Ped0 crime and sex-trafficking content is disturbing. Strong emotive / spiritual stabilization / centering may be needed.

M@r!a F@rmer: Head of the $nake

Mar!@ F@rmer and Wh!tney We66 are main whistleblowers in the M@xwell / We-Xner, Ep$te!n P.ed0-$exCr!me Network.

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M@xwell / We-Xner, Ep$te!n are an international cr!meSyndicate using honey traps of whatever flavor to capture $exVideos on important politicians, etc. These videos are then used as controlFiles to ensure the politicians follow corrupt globali$t policies.

More: 7/3/20 QTR 207 - Wh!tney Webb Talks Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest. 9/14/19 QTR 146 - Wh!tney We6b Blows The Lid Off Epste!n/Clint0n, Orwellian Gun Control and 9/11.

Mis$pellings are on this page to avoid g00gle and y0u.Tu.be cen$0r$hip.

Disney's Dem0ns

...Disney owns 1/5th of the media in the USA...

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R0yalCr!mes D0cumentary

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More at: Bitchute | DanjaZone

The 0ther 0b@m@

Double Life. This vide0 was B@NNed from Yo.U.tu-be. Meet Michael L@Vaughn R0bins0n.

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Ob@m@ Decept!on 2
M1che!!e Ob@m@s Doctor Goes on Record
Another Oops, Joan Rivers
(2008) Larry $inclair Press Conference Exposing Barack Ob@ma

Bill G@tes' Plan to Vaccinate the World

There's also a connection to Epste!n?

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How Bill G@tes Monopolized Global Health
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Bill G@tes and the P0pulation Control Grid

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