Joseph P. Farrell
The Ancient Babylonian-Nazi Extra Territorial State/Bankers

Comic Wars in the Heavens and Living Plasma Energy

What Really Happened?

Joseph P. Farrell on the WW II, Rogue Networks, 9/11.

Joseph P. Farrell and Jim Marrs WWII What Really Happened?
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Deep State Disinfo - 9/11 and Rogue Networks. Dark Journalist and Dr. Joseph Farrell
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Joseph Farrell on 9/11 TwinTower$acrifice Rogue Network x3.

More Joseph P. Farrell interviews at: Nazi International Page and Who Runs The World?.

Project Camelot

Project Camelot interviews Joseph P. Farrell on Nazi International and WW II. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Laughlin, Nevada, February 2009.

JFK Assassination

Joseph P. Farrell on: LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy. (The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes)

Joseph P. Farrell on Engnineered Political Frustration: The Alchemy of Political Gridlock. (The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes)

Joseph P. Farrell on: JFK Coup-Assassination Inside Story. American Putsch in 1963. Deep State Cover Up. (Forum Borealis)

Ancient Babylonian Bankers Transform to Modern Elite

Important Note: Nazis is not used in reference to the current nation state of Germany. Instead, international Nazis refers to the transformation of the ancient babylonian extra-territorial-fascist-statist-bankster elite throughout history operating in ancient Babylon, Rome, Venice, Constantinople, Amsterdam, London to finally land in the modern era, where they entangled The Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, and finally Prussia, the Germanic Republics and Hitler's Fascist Germany in their web of financial slavery. Currently it includes Washington D.C. Dr. Farrell references their modern disquise as The Nazi International and has an excellent book by that title.

The best reference for this migration of this elite (possibly non-human or human-hybrid) parasitic class is Joseph P. Farrell's Financial Vipers of Venice and Babylon's Banksters. As will be seen in these pages, the modern global economy truly began in the Middle Ages.

Joseph P. Farrell, The Financial Vipers of Venice on The Byte Show
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Babylon's Banksters, Joseph P. Farrell, Part 1 with GeorgeAnn Hughes on The Byte Show
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More Detangling of Ancient History. Quetzalcoatl and Aztec History: The Temple, The Bank, Physics and Blood Sacrifice together with LA Marzulli's The Nephilim Trail and Michael Heiser's Reversing Hermon. More classic interviews including the Babylon's Banksters Series with Joseph P. Farrell at: The Byte Show (GeorgeAnn Hughes).

Cosmic War and the Treaty of Versailles Template

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell: The Cosmic War and The Treaty of Versailles Template , HigherSideChats

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell: Cosmic Versailles, Tribute, Tithe and Cosmic War. Vimeo

Plasma Physics & Energy Conversations

Joseph P. Farrell on Physics - Plasma - Spirit Living Entity - Demonic? or Angelic? Example: Pillar of Light. Human neuron plasma vs inter-glactic plasma. Please see these presentations for best explanation of plasma energy.

Joseph P Farrell, Demon in The Ekur, with Kelly Em on The Common Surface
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Joseph Farrell, The Demon in the Ekur, Plasma, Theology & Current Events with Michael James
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Also see Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star Revisited, Plasma Physics & The Demon in the Ekur. HigherSideChats: Direct Link | Direct Link.

Roswell and The Reich, Joseph P. Farrell

The Byte Show's GeorgeAnn Hughes Interviews Joseph P. Farrell: Nazi International Social and Media Narrative Engineering?

Richard Dolan show: Joseph Farrell on UAPs, Antarctica and More

Part 1, Roswell and The Reich, The Byte Show
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Part 2, Roswell and The Reich, The Byte Show
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Part 3, Roswell and The Reich, The Byte Show
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Part 2, 6:10 minutes: The reason that the military panicked in New Mexico in July of 1947 was NOT because they had recovered something extraterrestial, but that they had recovered something Nazi. And they new it. And if they recovered something Nazi, and it was not Our Nazi's (Operation Paperclip Nazis) flying it around in the skies of New Mexico, after all we would have known about that. If it's something Nazi, then it is not soviet and it means the Nazi's are out there and they are still researching this stuff. ~ Joseph P. Farrell, Roswell and The Reich

Part 1, 36:40 minutes: By the time that NASA is actually signed into law by President Eisenhower and the agency is created, guess what has happened? And I mention this in Roswell and the Reich. The exact chain of command that existed amongst these Nazi rocket scientists in Nazi Germany has been successfully reduplicated by them inside of NASA. So that you have the same people doing in NASA exactly the same jobs that they were doing for Hitler. ~ Joseph P. Farrell, Roswell and The Reich