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Top 7 Supplements & Superfoods
EnergyMe333 Favorites. Organic. Food Based. No Chemical Processing. No-GMO. No-Glypho.

The Top 7 Supplements Take Care of a Lot of Symptoms.

High quality, organic food is our first choice for nutrients. However, supplements are important because of low-nutrient soil. Low-nutrient soil = low-nutrient food.

Options and dosage is individual. Here is a common pathway with multiple options. 1.) STOP taking iron supplements and iron fortified foods. 2.) Start the Big 7: MSM-Magnesium-WholeFoodVitaminC-Iodine-Copper-Thiamine-VitA. Move slowly and steadily towards more according to preference. If needed, also add: C-60, NAC, Boron, Melatonin. 3.) Start Wheat Belly Protocol and 4.) If needed, see Covid Treatment with Ivermectin Details and/or FULL Covid/Vaxx Treatment Options List.

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Dr David Brownstein: IODINE Key to Treating COVID19

A Holistic Approach to Viruses

Full Covid-Vaxx Treatment Options

Preference is given to natural-organic synthesis or food sources. Dosage is highly individual. Some people microdose, some need higher doses. Some take supplements daily, some weekly. Use lab synthesized supplements in emergency situations. Avoiding chemical processing / lab synthesis as much as possible.

1.) MSM - Bioavailable Sulfur

DEEP DIVE with Stephanie Seneff and Elliot Overton on MSM Sulfur. Why is MSM sulfur listed as the number one supplement to start with? MSM is incredibly effective and incredibly safe.

Purchase Online: | (from Pine Lignan) | |

MSM Sulfur = Blood Cell Electron Charge + Blood Flow + Nutrient Transport.

Why supplementing with MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) is an excellent idea?

Water in our body is not just random (bulk water). The body organizes water and blood with electron charges. Blood cells with sulfated negative charges easily repel and flow by each other and are not sticky. Likewise, blood cells are repelled by the electron charge in blood vessel walls. This causes the blood to flow easily through our body. If blood cells do not flow easily, they can potentially create a clot. Sulfur is vital for the blood flow process. Sulfur is needed for basic blood function.

Sulfur is THE transport and delivery mineral. It is needed to make everything else you put into your body work more effectively and efficiently. Organic sulfur helps to usher all of the other minerals and nutrients into the cells that your body needs while playing an important role in eliminating all of the wastes that don't belong there. ~

MSM Sulfur is an incredibly safe supplement:

Why is Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) a foundational supplement? Sulfur is essential for helping the liver detox the whole body. It's all about giving your body the energy to heal and maintain itself. More MSM info from

Why do we need MSM? Sulfur (MSM) is stored in every cell of the body...Sulfur is responsible for the ionic exchange within the sodium-potassium pump in the cell...sulfur is a component of insulin...sulfur is a required element found in the proteins of most body tissues. ~ Beth M Ley, Ph.D.

Our sulfur levels go down as we age. Supplementing MSM helps us maintain normal function.

MSM a non-metallic sulfur compound which occurs widely in nature. It is one of the most common substances found in the body. Sulfur plays an essential role in human nutrition, a fact commonly overlooked....MSM is as basic to life as water and salt. It is completely non-toxic - as safe as water! ~ Beth M Ley, Ph.D.

* BRIGHTEON store sources its supplements through ...vegan, certified Kosher and extensively lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology...1% percent of profits given to Native American causes.

2.) Magnesium and 3.) Iodine / Iodide

DEEP DIVE with Morley Robbins on Magnesium. DEEP DIVE with Dr. Brownstein on Iodine.

Wakame is our favorite!
wakame remag J Crow Iodide Also Kelp, Nori, Kombu, Spirulina, Irishmoss, Seaweed Caps. However, we understand not everyone loves seaweed. * There are many other good sources for magnesium like Carolyn Dean's ReMag High Absorption Magnesium-Chloride Liquid and Cacao if you do not like sea veggies. Iodine/Iodide Source(s): Various brands of Lugol's Solution including: JCrow Detail and JCrow Order Online, Dr. Clark or Nascent Iodine. Anna Sparre at interviews Dr David Brownstein - IODINE, the thyroid, cancer and COVID19. Also see Busting the Iodine Myths.
Wakame Source(s): Emerald Cove. China, New Zealand, Maine.

Magnesium, Vit A (Retinol) and Iodine Run the Body's Mineral Cascade. Anna Sparre from interviews Morley Robbins Episode #218: All About MAGNESIUM

* Important Note: Iodine/Iodide is important for radiation detox. Radiation poisioning symptoms can be similar to covid symptoms, vax symptoms and vax transmission symptoms. Please note that EnergyMe333 does not provide medical advice, we provide self-education tools.

4.) Whole Food Vit C !

Absolutely essential! Many natural sources include: Amla powder. Sauerkraut. Camu Camu powder. Elderberry, Acerola, Rosehips, Kakadu, Citrus. You need to be careful with ascorbic acid as a supplement because obviously it is a synthetic chemical. Ascorbic acid has great value especially when treating things like covid (viruses) and septic shock. It saves so many peoples lives. But chronically I think you are much better off taking whole food vitamin C for the primary reason that you are not going to deplete copper. ~ Mercola

5.) Copper

Cacoa!!! Dark chocolate! Purchase Online: Bio-active Copper Cuprous Nicotinic Acid. (Dr. Ed Group)

6.) Thiamine B1, Amygdalin (Laetrile) B17

More on low thiamine symptoms.

Purchase Online: Bitter Apricot Seeds from Richardson Nutritional Center. Bitter apricot seeds also contain B1 and B15. More on B17 Laetrile. Or synthetics: ThiaMax and ThiaMega Synthetics from

7.) Vitamin A (Retinol)

Whole Food Vitamin A from cod liver oil, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese, fish, eggs and more.


Source: Grass Fed Beef Thyroid. A Deep Dive with Dr. Mercola & Dr. Shallenberger on Thyroid & Mitochondrial Optimization.

Vit B

Organic Nutritional Yeast Flakes. Processing: grown on an organic cane molasses substrate. Ingredients: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, organic rice flour, sea salt. Germany.

Boron, The Natural Mineral Salt

Not the washing or laundry borax with additives or any version with additives. Instead the naturally mined salt with high boron content. A quality source (Australia)

Castor Oil

Castor oil (hexane free) has amazing abilities to restore the sinus lining and intestinal lining. Start with small quantities mixed with food. Sinuses: transfer castor oil to small 1-4 ounce dropper bottle. Lay down and put drops of castor oil in the nose so it runs back into the sinus cavities.


selenium Weber Natural Selenium. More info on selenium from Keith Pendlebury. Also see Global Healing Selenium. Best natural foods sources include yellow mustard! Also brazil nuts.
Source(s): Amazon, CostCo,


Source: A Deep Dive on Melatonin: functional significance for optimal cellular physiology, Prof. Russel Reiter, Univ Texas Health, San Antonio.


DEEP DIVE with Dr. Bill McGraw on bio-available silica and ortho silicic acid and its importance for health. McGraw is an environmental research scientist with expertise and insight in health, aquaculture and healing frequencies (Rife). Ortho silicic acid is especially important for aluminum detox (one major cause of alzheimers):

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Source(s): Omica Bamboo Silica Tabashir Sap Extract, oat straw tea, diatomaceous earth, SilaPure, green beans, horsetail. More on Diatomaceous Earth. More on transmutation from silica to calcium.

Vit D

GlobalHealing Vit D-3 from natural lichen. Natural Cod Liver Oil is another option. There are complexities with synthetic supplements. Temporary vitamin D supplementation can be helpful. There are concerns with long-term, high-dose use. Avoid soy-based supplements. Please consider the detailed discussion at Why is my Vit D Low?

Pecans, Cacao, Raw Pollen and Raw Honey

Skip if you are allergic. Pecans, cacao, and pollen are powerhouses of bioavailable copper for ceruloplasmin production and much more.

Vit E

We love Red Palm Oil! (Tocotrienols) red palm oil
Source(s): Health food sections, Amazon, Online.


Please avoid all modern-processed soy as it stops thyroid function. The goitrogens in soy are anti-thyroid. Soy = Low Thyroid Function = Low Metabolism = Low Energy. Soy fermented in the ancient manner such as soy sauce, tamari, natto etc. is fine.

ZOT Organic Licorice Root

Organic licorice root is a powerful medicinal. It is a natural antiviral and delicious at the same time! zot licorice
Source(s): Health food sections, Online.

More Fav Superfoods / Supplements

Humic-Fulvic = full spectrum minerals, Ginger, Chlorella, Bentonite, Coconut, Cinnamon, Raw Honey, Raw Milk, Butter = vit a, Chaga = anti-viral, Astragalus = selenium, Horsetail = silica, Capers = quercetin.