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What is The Root Cause Protocol?

Start supplementing for these Top 5 Nutrient Deficiencies. Start the Root Cause Protocol. Stop taking Iron. More about Re-balancing Your Copper-Iron Metabolism.

Which Minerals & Supplements Are Essential for Rebalancing My Metabolism? And Why?

Reduce Inflammation and Increase Your Voltage

[1:14 Minutes] How Does RCP Work? Morley Robbins with ExtremeHealthRadio, Regulate Magnesium, Calcium, Iron & Copper (Ceruloplasmin) For Disease Prevention & Longevity!

Voltage is All About Bioavailable Copper

Morley Robbins with ExtremeHealthRadio, Symptoms Of Iron Overload & The Root Cause Protocol

Number One Stop: Why Stop Taking Iron?

...Most people don't realize that...all pathogens, bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites live, replicate and thrive on an iron buffet.... ~ Morley Robbins on ExtremeHealthRadio

Mag, Copper and Vit A Energize Your Metabolism

Phase 0: ...I began to understand how important bioavailable copper was, and that we needed to be able to make ceruloplasmin [from bioavailable copper]...I started looking into the literature. What helps stimulate ceruloplasmin and what stops it? That's the origin of the stops and starts [for the protocol]...The number one stop is stop taking iron.... ~ Morley Robbins [1:13:46 minutes] ExtremeHealthRadio Interview

..And I know you have listeners who are anemic. They are terrified of low ferritin or low hemoglobin or low serum iron. They do not have the full understanding of what is really behind that. Iron supplements are NOT doing what people think they are doing. It's a false positive. It is a very destructive supplement. I can defend that until the cows come home [from the research data]... ~ Morley Robbins [1:14:00 minutes] ExtremeHealthRadio Interview

Deep Dive on Copper-Iron Metabolism.

What Is The Root Cause of My Health Problems?

Morley Robbins with the Better Health Guy, Episode #73: Minerals with Morley Robbins