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Covid & Vaxx Recovery Options
Budesonide for Covid-Breathing Crisis.

Budesonide for Breathing-Crisis. | Virus & Vax Detox with Ivermectin, Suramin, and EDTA.

1.) Stabilize: Start Ivermectin Maintenance Dose

2.) Strengthen Your Immune System

3.) Full Treatment Options List

4.) CLO2 Destroys the Spike Protein and More

Ivermectin as Weekly or Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Front Line Alliance I-Prevent Home Treatment: Ivermectin Protocol Details. Ivermectin has less side-effects than antibiotics and does not damage the gut microbiome. Ivermectin can be used as preventative maintenance and/or for acute-chronic situations.

Did you know that Ivermectin is also an effective Cancer Protocol?

Use CPAP if additional oxygen is needed. Do NOT intubate (insert a breathing tube). Do NOT Ventilate.

More Info: Ivermectin FAQ | Anti-Clotting Tips for the Jabbed | Additional Protocol Details | Calculate Your Dosage: Dosage Chart. Note: if you are sensitive to meds, start with half the dosage and adjust as needed.

How to Buy Ivermectin

Strengthen Your Immune System

Additional Vaxx THERAPY RescueMe Handbook. Ignore the media hysteria. Read Kerri Rivera's Cvid Handbook. Start CDS and Superfood Protocols. Also stop these items: RCP STOPS (from

Dr. David Brownstein successfully treating covid patients with nutritional and oxidative therapies. Get the book: A Holistic Approach to Viruses. Listen to the Audio: IODINE Key to Treating COVID19

Full Treatment Options

Mild / Maintenance

Serious / Severe

Stabilize the system / crisis intervention, then strong immune system support.

Note: In very severe cases, symptoms needing treatment can be hypoxia (low oxygen levels), cytokine storming (lung-lymph fluid) and blood clotting.

Lung Fluid cytokine storming can be significantly reduced with large amounts of Vitamin B6 (HomocysteX plus or liquid concentrate)

Andreas Kalcker: CLO2 Destroys the Spike Protein

What is CLO2 / CDS? Did you know CLO2 is a natural substance and is used in drinking water purification systems and blood donor purification worldwide? How to start The CDS Protocol.

Andreas Kalcker, Why CLO2 Works Against Covid-19. Direct Link
Andreas Kalker and Dr. Pedro Chavez: CLO2 destroys the spike protein. Direct Link

Also See Ask Dr. Jane Ruby on SPS: Chlorine Dioxide Efficacy and Nanotech in the Jab. (Brighteon)

More Info

Why Whole Food Vitamin C is essential for Covid-19?

Dr. David Brownstein successfully treating covid patients with nutritional and oxidative therapies

Budesonide (inhaled corticosteroid) Dr. Richard Bartlett is successfully treating high risk and senior covid patients. Budesonide is an FDA approved asthma medication on the market for 25 years.

What I'm using is Budesonide, it's an inhaled steroid that doesn't have the side effects of total body steroids but it has the benefits. ~ Dr. Richard Bartlett. Direct Link

Also see: Texas doctor believes he has found 'silver bullet' for COVID-19

CPAP vs Ventilators

Use CPAP if additional oxygen is needed. Do NOT intubate (insert a breathing tube). Do NOT Ventilate.

Do Ventilator protocols need a second look? Dr. Camer0n Ky!e-Side!l, Maimonedes Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. 5:00 minutes on WebMD interview: (Cens0red by WebMD) ...I came to realize that this condition is nothing I've ever seen before.... and ....I have witnessed medical phenomena that just don't make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a viral pneumonia.... Alternative Link Here.

NY Times / Kyle-Side!l
Kyle-Side!l, March/April

The Misleading of Our Medical Professionals

Judy Mitkovits: The misleading of our medical professionals. Covid-19 Connection to Vaccine Fraud, Patent Money and Biolabs in N. Carolina, Fort Dietrich and Wuhan. From an amazing researcher who was illegally jailed by Anthony Fauci.