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Re-balance Your Metabolism
Bio-available Copper Drives Your Energy Production.

Iron = Premature Aging and Disease.

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Copper is the only metal on the planet that can activate oxygen and turn it into water. ~ Morley Robbins

Most People Have High Iron (Tissue Measurement) and Low Blood-Iron

You Are Anemic = False Narrative. Most People Have High Iron (Tissue Measurement) and Low Blood-Iron.
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Most People are Vitamin A Deficient. Vit A (Retinol) and Copper Inter-dependence.
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Autoimmune caused by parasites? Parasites feed on iron overload.
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Have You Been Told You Have Low Iron?

DEEP DIVE with Wendy Myers and Morley Robbins,

Rethinking Iron Supplementation. Have you been told you are anemic? Did you know that medical tests only measure iron in the blood and not in the tissue (storage iron)? Did you know that copper is essential to manage iron? For every copper molecule in your body there are 60 iron molecules. It is almost impossible for someone to be anemic. The problem is not low iron. The problem is that iron is not being managed (activated) by copper.

DEEP DIVE with Morley Robbins at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo: How Unbound Iron is Accelerating Your Aging.

Copper is essential in the human body to activate oxygen and manage iron.

Copper Toxicity is a MYTH. Average Person Has 5 Neurotoxins in Their Body at Levels Higher Than Copper. Jason Hommel

Copper Toxicity is a MYTH, Jason Hommel
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What Copper Level is Toxic? Jason Hommel
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Most Health Issues Stem from Copper Dysregulation PART 1, Wendy Myers & Morley Robbins
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...every facet of red blood cell metabolism is copper dependent...About 99% of people are iron toxic and bioavailable copper deficient... ~ ~ Morley Robbins

The research was so clear what the priorities were, to make energy, to activate oxygen... and to keep iron at bay [regulate iron]. ~ Morley Robbins 30 minutes.

How do i start the Root Cause Protocol?

Wendy Myers ..the true underlying cause of disease is just nutrition deficiencies, heavy metal and chemical toxicity...and you can reverse these and you can reverse disease and I see it every day in my practice...

Bioavailable Copper Regulates Iron

Bioavailable copper = Copper attached to Ceruloplasmin.

[15:00 minutes] ... when you take copper [bioavailable copper = attached to ceruloplasmin] out of the human body, it [the body] falls apart....and needs all sorts of medication to support its functioning.... ~ Morley Robbins Interview with Wendy Myers,Most Health Issues Stem from Copper Dysregulation PART 1

Morley is a guest on Anna Sparre's 4Health podcast: Morley Robbins and Anna Sparre #220b - Copper.

Regulate Magnesium, Calcium, Iron & Copper For Disease Prevention & Longevity!

#287 Copper & Iron Toxicity and Dysregulation, Magnesium's Role, Iron Toxicity:

Most Health Issues Stem from Copper Dysregulation PART 1 Wendy Myers, with Morley Robbins:

Copper Dysregulation Part 2 with Morley Robbins:

Minerals 101: The Importance of Magnesium, Copper & Iron with Morley Robbins Interview starts at 10:00 minutes:

The supplement that cardiologists take. Why? Wendy Myers Interviews Morley Robbins: How to Prevent a Heart Attack with Magnesium:

Iron, Unbound Copper & Oxidative Stess

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[55:20 minutes] ...people don't know that iron is involved in every facet of inflammation.... ~ Episode #73: Minerals with Morley Robbins

[40:10 minutes] ....people need to realize that there really is a focal point for all of these conditions that people struggle with, whether it is heart disease, or lyme disease, or neuro-degeneration or raynauds or you name the litany of conditions that people have. There is raging oxidative stress at the very center of all of them...there are two metals especially, that are out of whack. Copper is not bio-available, iron is unbound and magnesium is being burned up in a New York minute....the real culprit here is the iron because it is so pervasive in our environment...the challenge is that people have been trained to think that they are copper toxic and fact, the truth is just the opposite. Because the copper is not bioavailable, the iron is not is bioavailable copper that regulates iron... ~ #287 Copper & Iron Toxicity and Dysregulation, Magnesium's Role, Iron Toxicity with Morley Robbins

[7:00 minutes] ...when you begin to dig into the weeds of why everyone is sick, about 99% of the reason is they don't have enough magnesium or they don't have the right bioavailability of their copper... ~ Morley Robbins Interview with Wendy Myers,Most Health Issues Stem from Copper Dysregulation PART 1

[12:15 minutes] ...what is very important for copper, is that it be attached to its transport protein which is called ceruloplasmin. Its role in the body is to make sure that the copper and the iron are being properly transported so that it doesn't cause oxidation... ~ Ibid.

Adrenals, Magnesium & Copper

Quotes below are from Most Health Issues Stem from Copper Dysregulation PART 1, at approx 25:00 minutes.

Allopathic medicine is creating patients for life because of a misdirected focus on the thyroid, calcium and iron.

[25:00 minutes] Morley Robbins: ...So what I think what the listeners, viewers need to understand is that in the world of allopathic medicine, there are three primary areas of focus. One is on the thyroid, another is calcium and the third is on iron. That's what they really key on from a mineral and metabolic standpoint.

Isn't that interesting because when you focus on the thyroid and medicate on the thyroid, we shut down the adrenal glands. And that's the stress response in the human body, the adrenal glands. When you focus on calcium and start hyper-supplementing with calcium and vitamin D, which raises calcium, you shut down magnesium metabolism. It's a very bad thing.

And when you focus on iron and there's complete confusion about the inter-related mechanisms of iron and copper metabolism. When you focus on iron, it shuts down copper metabolism. It's one of the quirks of the human body.

And so the very three things that the traditional, conventional doctors focus on create compliance for life because once you've got control of someone's thyroid and you're focusing on calcium and iron, the person can never get back to metabolic balance. It's impossible. I think that's where a lot of the confusion is as well because it turns out that the adrenal glands are where 95% of the body store of whole food vitamin C is.

What's important to understand is that the thyroid makes one hormone a day. It's a very important one. I'm not disputing that at all. The adrenal glands make 50 hormones a day - not just cortisol, but a whole bunch of hormones that need to be made. All you got to do is study steroid hormone synthesis and your jaw will drop. All that's being made inside the adrenal glands and it's being made with the support of the liver as well.

What's really key is to understand that the cytochrome p450 family of enzymes, which is what converts the steroid hormones from one spectrum to another, well, they're copper dependent. And if you don't have bioavailable copper, your hormones don't work. They can't morph from one to the other.

Body Voltage: as Iron Builds, Energy Drops

[5:00 minutes and 1hour 06 minutes] ...the greatest stress in the human body is from [unbound] iron....When there is too much unbound iron the [body] energy level goes down, ATP goes down...[our] human body puts out a charge of -25 volts. As we lose energy energy that voltage drops to -20 and -15 and then it flips positive. Cancer is +30 voltage. Infections are in the low negative voltage area. As the energy production goes down because the iron accumulation goes up (disease), that's when the pathogens wake up. Bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites all thrive in a low energy environment. As iron builds, energy drops. ~ Rethinking Iron Supplementation with Morley Robbins