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How to Start a Basic Cancer Healing Protocol
Basic guides for rebuilding your health after a serious diagnosis.

First Stabilize and Strengthen. Then Detox.

The only time cancer can affect you is if you have a compromised immune system. ~ Dr. Rashid Buttar

Cancer is an auto-immune and micro-parasite condition.

Start with Micro-Doses

All 3 are NATURAL chemotherapies. Take with food. Stay at a tiny dose for the first month.

1.) Bitter Apricot Seeds. Start with 1 seed per day or every other day.

2.) Ivermectin. Start with 2mg dose on two days per week. (This is half of a 5-6 mg tablet).

3.) Alkaline Diet. Slowly over 1-3 months, move away from an acid forming diet (processed pre-packaged food) to an alkaline diet packaged by nature. Cooked or raw foods? This is highly individual. Choose what works best for your system.

Bitter Apricot Seeds Ivermectin Tablets

Why Tiny Doses?

Start SLOWLY with everything. Tiny doses. Stabilize and strengthen. Give the body time to adjust. These are cheap and effective compared to hospital stays. Take these with food.

Why SLOW? Most people with a serious diagnosis are demineralized, low in nutrients and high in various toxins such as food colors, additives, fluoride, chlorine, bromides, glyphosate, plastics and many more.

Have you been on a standard american diet (SAD) for most of your life? The SAD diet is low in nutrients and full of toxins (synthetic additives, preservatives, colors, etc.) It causes low immune function. This means your body is worn down and does not have the strength to heal or reject toxins and pathogens. So the first step is to stabilize and strengthen your body and immune system. Later on we start to detox. It's also essential that your digestive system is eliminating. Add laxative foods to your routine as needed. * Please see important note at bottom for stage 4 cancer and liver cancer detox.

Start a weekly food journal. Just the basics. What food and supplements are working. What's not. Changes you are making and why. Notes on doses that work for you.

Note: If needed, you can do these 3 therapies (Bitter Apricot Seeds, Ivermectin, Alkaline Diet) together with medical establishment therapies. Medical establishment chemo will deplete more nutrients and weaken your body further, so it is not recommended by the authors.

Where to Purchase

Low-dose Bitter Apricot Seeds. (Vit B17 Laetrile). Buy at the RNC store. Buy the book World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17.
Listen to detailed interviews by Dr. John Richardson Jr.

No-Prescription Low-dose Ivermectin. (Generic Stromectol). Buy at or or Also buy with mail-in check, eCheck or Bitcoin at ReliableRxPharmacy and
Listen to detailed interviews at EnergyMe333 All about Ivermectin.

Slowly Move to an Alkaline Diet.. First, stop eating wheat. Why? The gliaden protein in wheat is an opioid. Listen to this presentation by Dr. William Davis: Modern Wheat is NOT the Wheat of the Bible and Why it is Making You Sick.

Alkaline diet basics. Start with the easiest changes first. Then keep on! Slow and steady wins the day. Avoid all wheat and flours, all processed bread and flour products like muffins, crackers, etc. Switch to whole brown rice, quinoa, millet, etc.

Avoid all seed oils (vegetable oils, canola oil, etc.). Switch to MCT oil, coconut oil, palm oil, butter, ghee, avacado oil. More Avoid all synthetics like margarine (It's like eating plastic).

As much organic as your budget allows. Switch to natural ground salt or sea salt (no toxic additives).

Avoid food additives and preservatives (MSG, Red Lake 40, etc).

Avoid all standard vitamin/mineral capsules fortified with iron and/or with toxic additives, colors and preservatives.

Do not fortify with iron. Do not take iron pills. Do not take iron infusions. See Morley Robbins, The Root Cause Protocol, for more info.

Avoid soy. The goitrogens in soy will shut down your thyroid function. Soy fermented in the ancient heritage style is fine: organic soy sauce, tamari, miso and tempeh. More

Do not drink tap water (chlorine and fluoride). Get filtered water or water filter (pitcher) or water distiller. Toothpaste: throw away common commercial toothpaste with fluoride and synthetics. Get a good organic natural brand or use baking soda, bentonite clay or coconut oil.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup. Avoid synthetic, processed sugars and sugar substitutes (toxic). Use natural sweets instead.

The only time cancer can affect you is if you have a compromised immune system...cancer loves sugar and hates oxygen. So one of the first things we do is cut out the sugar and increase the oxygen! ~ Dr. Rashid Buttar. I used to be a huge sugar addict. Slowly I've re-trained myself to substitute natural sweets instead of processed, synthesized-lab sugar. So go to: raw honey, organic blackstrap molasses, dried fruits (no sulphates) and more. Go organic. Labeled by nature. Choose products with the fewest ingredients.

More details at EnergyMe333 All about Alkaline Diet. Also see Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Standard Adult Ivermectin Dose for Cancer

10 bitter apricot seeds per day. Ivermectin: dosage for cancers including covid-vaxInduced-turboCancer. Dr. William Makis details the standard medium dose of 1.0mg (milligram) per kg of body weight every day as recommended by Dr. Chetty. 1.0mg/kg is the starting dose for most cancers. No long term side effects were reported. The typical person is approximately 60 kg. This means you would use 60mg of Ivermectin per day. It is still a good idea to start slowly, perhaps at half dosage (30mg) per day for the first week. This is highly individual.

Ivermectin DOSAGE for CANCER including VAX-TURBO-CANCER. What is my DOSAGE? Makis.
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Full Presentation: Dr. William Makis: Using Ivermectin To Heal Cancer
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Stop Fighting Cancer and Treat the Cause

For those looking for Alternative Cancer Support in the Comfort of Your Own Home:, Dr. Kevin Conners.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. ~ Ephesians 3:20-21

Stage 4 Cancer and Liver Cancer Detox

Liver Dialysis. For those needing strong cancer, pain, migraine intervention, learn about the Max Gerson Coffee Enema therapy (Liver dialysis).

Cycle on and off with Fenbendazole/Ivermectin. One week using low-dose Fenbendazole. The next week, switch to low-dose Ivermectin. Repeat the cycle. No prescriptions needed. Both are very safe. Learn more about the Joe Tippins Cancer Protocol.

Nausea and migraines. If you exprerience more than 1-2 hours of medium to strong nausea per day, lower your dosages or cycle off (skip) a week to let your body catch up with toxin elimination. There is no fear of nausea. Nausea is a signal that your system is releasing large amounts of toxins in the liver bile. The liver bile travels through your entire digestive system before it is eliminated from the body. When the toxin levels are high it can give temporary symptoms of nausea. If needed, extra coffee enemas can significantly help lower nausea. Ditto for migrane levels.

Add As Soon As Able: Iodine, Copper, Enzymes

Start slowly. Why are extra nutrients needed? They are no longer in our foods due to chemical, high-heat processing and soil depletion from chemical agriculture such as glyphosate (Tradename Roundup, a neurotoxin).

After you have stabilized on the top 3 therapies above, start slowly adding some of the following. Take with food:

Bioavailable IODINE. Start with a micro-dose at 1 drop per day or every other day. Increase as able. Buy at: Global Healing Detoxadine Nascent Iodine. Why take iodine?

Bioavailable COPPER. Start with micro-dose at 1 capsule weekly. Increase as able. Buy at: Global Healing Bioavailable Copper. Increase as able. Why take copper?

Ultimate ENZYMES. Start with micro-dose at 1 capsule weekly. Buy at: Global Healing Ultimate Enzymes

Cancer and micro-parasites are related? Yes. Most people with cancer have a low immune function and high micro-parasite levels. Please see our Parasite Deep Dive page.