Vid Archive: 2022-B: July to Dec

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BTC's Final CRASH In Progress. Crypto Trader. Dec 2022

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Health Ranger Report: Time to INDICT Big Government + Big Tech Censorship pushers, Dec 2022 Direct Link.

Fearmongering Begins: RSV Vax & Triage. Nov 2022

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Crypto Trader Ron Walker: S&P and Bitcoin About To Crash, Nov 2022

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November Intel, Poisoned, Election Fraud, 5G, Ukraine, Jim Willie Nov 2022

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mRNA Tech is 40+ Years of Big Pharma Venom Research. Serum Sickness Update. Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters, Nov2022

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Ukraine Update. Zelensky Wants to Use Dirty Bomb. Gonzalo Lira. Nov 2022

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Dr. Peterson Pierre, Recipe for Disaster Combo C19-Flu Vax, Nov 2022 Direct Link.

Big Media Fearmongering Begins To Pave Way for RSV Vax & Triage Panic, Nov 2022 Direct Link.

Greg Hunter at interviews Bix Weir on FTX Implosion is Just the Tip of the Iceberg and Leads to Chaos in the Streets. Nov, 2022 Direct Link.

November Intel, Poisoned, Election Fraud, 5G, Ukraine, Jim Willie, Nov. 2022

Jim Willie is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics, and his career has stretched over 25 years. Direct Link.

Dr. Bryan Ardis & Michael Petro, Voice of Healing Radio, Four Key Supplements to Neutralize COVID-19 Venom Protein Nov. 2022.

Many topics: mRNA Tech is Venom Research. Monoclonal antibodies, TheOneDrugRemsdesivir. Venom use byTheC1A. Direct Link.

Do Not Give Vaccine to Your Children. Dr. Ladapo, FL Surgeon General. Oct 2022

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October Intel, David Nino Rodriquez with Expert Geopolitical Detective, Jim Willie Oct 2022

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Financial Meltdown Update, Mike Adams and Jim Willie Oct 2022

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How Do Empires Fall? Slowly at First, Then Suddenly. Aaron Brickman. Oct 2022

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FDA Covered Up CV19 Vax Biological Catastrophe - Dr. Peter McCullough. Oct 2022

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Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters Vax Update Oct. 2022.

Vaccines: mRNA Tech is Venom Research. Lethal Serum Sickness: Venom Peptides + Polysorbate 80 Crosses the Blood Brain Barrier. Important info that should be part of national discussion. If you have time, fast forward and watch from 2 - 7 minutes: Direct Link.
Martin Armstrong Interview

Martin Armstrong Economic Update Oct. 2022.

Martin A. Armstrong at has advised multi-trillion dollar governments, governmental institutions and central banks for the last 30 years. Using his Socrates software he has made major economic forecasts including: 1987 Black Monday Crash, 1989 Nikkei Collapse, 1998 Russian Financial Collapse. Direct Link.

Jim Willie Financial Update Oct. 2022.

October Intel, David Nino Rodriquez with Expert Geopolitical Detective, Jim Willie Direct Link.

The Zelenko Report: Ann Vandersteel ft. Karen Kingston, Oct. 2022.

DEEP DIVE with Ann Vandersteel and Karen Kingston. Covid19 Bioweapon analysis and false narrative promoted by globalist media outlets. The technology in the vaxx goes throughout the body. Direct Link.

Financial Reset - Robert Kiyosaki / Andy Schechtman. Sept. 2022.

4 Signs the U.S. Dollar May Be Toast. Executive Summary: fast forward and listen at 55 minutes - 60 minutes. Best Insurance = Silver & Cryptos. This is NOT an investment, this is insurance. Contact Andy Schechtman at Miles Franklin to buy Silver: 1-800-822-8080 or online at Direct Link.

Financial Reset - Jim Willie on Sept. 2022.

Amazingly accurate forecasts. is the site of numerous important mega-forecasts related to the degradation and destruction of the global financial system. Direct Link.

FDA Covered Up CV19 Vax Biological Catastrophe - Dr. Peter McCullough. Sept. 2022.

Greg Hunter of interviews top cardiologist and CV19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough. Direct Link.

The Economic Ninja. It's Happening... Sept. 2022.

US Markets about 4-6 weeks behind Euro Markets. Everything depends on those 0% - 1% interest rates.Direct Link.

The Economic Ninja. EU Margin Call. Sept. 2022.

1.5 TRILLION in margin calls. The EU Is Collapsing - Their Lehman Moment. Direct Link.

Real Estate Market Update. Sept. 2022.

Why Home Prices Haven't Crashed Yet. EPB Research. Direct Link.

Hidden Finance: Trump, Taiwan, Confederate Gold and Morgenthal Bearer Bonds. Sept 2022

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Cancer Treated with Ivermectin. Sept 2022

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Queen Elizabeth: The Legacy: The Dark Truth of Pedophilia, Infidelity, and Endless Scandal. Sept. 2022.

Don't Waste Your Tears. The Queen is DEAD! But the misery of her monarchy and family are unceasing. Edward Szall joins to expose the Royal Family's intimate ties to Epstein, the corrupt legacy of the Queen, and more. Direct Link.

Mayo Medical Clinic KILLING FEILDS. Sept 2022.

Remsdesivir KILLS. Ivermectin SAVES. ATTEMPTED MURDER: Mayo's Chief Medical Officer Under Investigation for Treatment of COVID Patients. Ali Shultz joins to expose how she saved her father from the murder mill hospital. The hospitals are profiting from the killer COVID protocols, and Ali is fighting back! Direct Link.

Madison Cawthorn Alert. Aug 2022.

Madison Cawthorn EXPOSES Orgy Blackmail DC Cabal. Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall discuss the revelations exposed by North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn, including confirmation of DC debauchery involving prostitutes, cocaine, and blackmail. The team relates the information to what has been learned about the satanic elite gatherings at the Bohemian Grove outside San Francisco, California. Direct Link.

Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin. Aug 2022.

Senator Ron Johnson's Call to All Doctors. Direct Link.

Harry Dent and Daniella Cambone. Aug 2022.

Greatest Crash Ever: Avoid Equities and Housing Until 2024, Harry Dent Doubles Down. All the signs point toward a recession, and we've just finished the first of three major downturns in markets Direct Link.

Michael Pento and Adam Taggart. Aug 2022.

These Are The Assets You Want To Own For A Market Crash. Cash, US dollar, long-dated US Treasury bonds & shorts, gold, utilities - the key assets you want to hold during a market crash. Direct Link.

Modern Wheat as Addictive as Crack. Modern vs Heritage Wheat. Dr. William Davis. Aug 2022

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Dark Journalist Special Report. Aug 2022

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Rogue News width August 2022.

Monthly Update. V is for Veles - V Guerrilla and Veles. Direct Link.

Unseen Realm Seminar. Aug 2022

Dr. Michael S. Heiser. The Supernatural Worldview of the Old Testament. Direct Link

Copper Toxicity is a Myth. July 2022.

Jason Hommel on Copper. How much copper do you have to give animals to cause liver damage? What are five neurotoxins in the body that are at higher levels than our copper? Which metals and halogens block copper? How do you make your own copper supplement at home? Direct Link.

Jab Update. July 2022.

Dr Vernons Latest about the coming New Flu Jabs, now being trailed on a mere 45 very specially selected individuals....Direct Link.