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What Really Happened in The Oval Office

Janda / Byrne

Dec 22, 2020. A must listen! Patrick Byrne: What Really Happened In The Oval Office. Operation Freedom's Dr. Dave Janda interviews Patrick Byrne, former Overstock.com CEO. Topics include Whitehouse deep state politics, Cipallone's fabrications to the NY Times and much more. Bring on the A TEAM: Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Guliani.... More and More Dec 2020.

Seal Team 6 Dec Situation Update

Michael Jaco

12/25/20. From Seal Team 6: The State of the American Republic. Gear up. Calm before the storm. Christmas as the military readies for baddies across the land. From the man who trains the trainers. More Dec 2020.

News Networks Do Not Decide The President-Elect

One America News

One America News Summarizes Why Joe Biden Is NOT the President-Elect and Exactly How Trump Can Still Be Declared the President of the United States from the 2020 Election. Dec 2020.


Moscow Klezmer Band

Moscow Klezmer Band. Dec 2020.

CIA vs DoD?

Natal / McInerney

Military intel. ...Now that National Security Action Memorandum 57 has transferred powers from the CIA to the Department of Defense, are the two agencies at war? Lt. General Thomas McInerney says that a struggle ensued as special forces from the DoD stormed a CIA facility in Germany and retrieved servers implicated in vote rigging in the 2020 election. Are big things happening behind the scenes, illustrative of Trump's battle against the Deep State? More Dec 2020.

News Breakdown

Rubino / Ameduri

Kenneth Ameduri interviews John Rubino: Tribalization - The Breakdown of Mainstream News! More Dec 2020.

Election Far From Over?

Bill Still

Independent Journalist Bill Still and Leigh Dundas, Episode 3395 More Bill Still Reports Dec 2020.

Landslide Trump


Sydney Powell. Enough electoral college votes to change the outcome of the election. ...REALIST NEWS - Voter fraud case is going to supreme court. Game over. Trump wins.... More Realist News Dec 2020.

Video: Poll Workers Box of Fraudulent Ballots


Georgia election votes: ..Video shows poll workers pulling out boxes of ballots....Your vote is a representation of your freedom...WATCH: Footage of State Farm Arena in Atlanta shows that after poll monitors and media were told counting was done, four workers stayed behind to count ballots, at times pulling out boxes containing ballots from underneath desks. More NTD TV vids Dec 2020.

Kraken Gets Vote Fraud Evidence


Kraken chasing down the vote fraud evidence in Ramstein and Spain. ...General McInerney: The Kraken is the nickname for The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion located at Fort Huachuca Arizona..... More Dec 2020.

Protect Your Pension!

Taggart / Siedle

Pension Failure Ahead and What You Can Do To Protect Yourself. The Great Retirement Threat - Pension Expert Warns Of Massive Failures Ahead. New Harbor Financial team here gives advisement. https://www.GreyLockPeak.com/ Siedle is a forensic pension analyst and ...former SEC attorney who has testified on pension abuse before the Senate Banking Committee. And in 2017, he secured the largest SEC whistleblower award in history of $48 million, and in 2018, the largest CFTC award in history at $30 million.... More Nov 2020.

More Vote Fraud Analysis

Robert David Steele

UNRIG. Vote Fraud Analysis. 100 Resignations from Congress Sidney Powell After BigTech, John Brennan to Jail? More Robert David Steele Nov 2020.

Vote Fraud Details


In depth analysis. Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud. This has been going on for a while...No big surprise. Democratic party and CIA collusion? More Nov 2020.

ScoreCard Vote Fraud

Steve Bannon

Bannon interviews McInerney on CIA ScoreCard software vote fraud at 1hr 24 min. Real America's Voice News. War Room Pandemic Ep 469 & 470 More Oct 2020.

Joe Biden

Dave Janda

Lt Gen Tom McInerney on Joe Biden. More Oct 2020.

The Other Obama Deception


Bombshells About the Other Obama. FullScreen Oct 2020.

Obama Bombshell

Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown Drops Bombshells About Obama's Past. More Oct 2020.

Deep State Chaos

Austin Fitts

A must listen to understand the times. Dark Journalist - Catherine Austin Fitts: The Deep State Chaos Op Former Assistant Secretary of HUD Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine has spent two decades tracking Missing Money from Government agencies including HUD and the Department of Defense! She goes deep on the current weaponization of narratives of division created by a Central Banking Syndicate for political control and how it relates to the dangerous game of Election 2020, Civil War and the Chaos Card the Deep State is playing. More Oct 2020.

Weight Loss & Metabolism

Bruce Fife, N.D.

Fat is Good For You? Ok, so what are healthy fats? From ...one of the foremost authorities in the world on dietary fats and oils... Turning the food pyramid upside down? More Sept 2020.

Socrates AI Money Analysis

Armstrong / Hunter

Armstrong's Socrates AI computer monitors global money flows. He has successfully predicted last two market crashes. No politics, just data. 40 minutes: The numbers are the numbers...[it] follows politics, yes, but no bias....It writes 1000 reports...every day and no human interaction whatsoever, so not biased... Martin Armstrong is a world renown economist, founder of ArmstrongEconomics.com which provides US and international institutions with sophisticated market analysis. At the same time, he explains the data to the average person in non-technical language. More Sept 2020.

C0G X-Tech Discussion

Dark Journalist

Blockbuster! Deep research. Great presentation. Very informative Continuity of Government (Deep$tate) discussion at 32:00 minutes and 55:00 minutes. R0swell discussion starting 1:03 ... a Massive Deep$tate Command Infrastructure Underground Operating as a De facto Ruling Power based on UFO X-Tech? The strange correlation between the secrecy around the UFO File... the new C0G C0mmander General VanHerck has a connection to R0swell.... More Sept 2020.

Market Fundamentals

Kaiser / Macleod

China Dumping USD For Real Stuff NOW. Dunnagan Kaiser interviews Alasdair Macleod, head of research for GoldMoney.com 1:30 minutes ...markets eventually undo everything that a central bank does..... More Sept 2020.

Gold and Silver Update

Andy Schectman

Massive Gold and Silver Shortages Almost Here. Andy Schectman, President and CEO of Miles Franklin. Hedge your portfolio and get some shiny metal before prices go through the roof. More Aug 2020.

Hummingbird Delight

Sheri Watson

Hummingbird Babies Birth to Fledging the Nest ~ First Flight ~ Amazing! More Aug 2020.

Debt Free DIY

Greg Mannarino

No longer a debt-serf. How To Become Debt Free And Beyond Successful. More Aug 2020.

Pres Trump Explains Vote Fraud

Banned Video

Dec 22, 2020. Full Statement By President Of The United States. Main TV channels refuse to cover. From Banned.Video.com and Brighteon. More Dec 2020.

The People's General

Janda / Flynn

A must listen! Special Segment: General Michael Flynn: The People's General. More Dec 2020.

Reset: Situation Update

Rogue / O'Savin

Rogue News interviews Juan O'Savin. Great Reset Going To be Reset. The Guerrilla sits down with the International Man of Mystery to discuss all things. More Dec 2020.

Trump Admin Dec Situation Update

Mike Adams

12/22/20. Situation Update. Ten feasible pathways to a Trump Victory. Declassify Everything. Invoke 14th Amendment. Appoint Sidney Powell as Special Prosecutor. Activate the Insurrection Act. More... More Dec 2020.

Peace Prayer

Peace Prayer

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav. Pray for peace. Dec 2020.

Dangerous Covid-19 Vaccines?


This new proposed covid vaccine is the first MODIFIED RNA (mRNA) or MODIFIED DNA vaccine. So why is this important? It could potentially alter our DNA or genome.... Why are we the lab rats? Why no long term testing? More Dec 2020.

Rogue CIA Returns to Original Mandate?

Dark Journalist

...President Kennedy realized when he got into office that it was basically the CIA that was running the show... Dark Journalist: Trump Pulls The JFK Card NSAM 57. Also COG (Continuity of Government) discussion. This is a BIG deal. National Security Action Memorandum 57 returns the CIA to an intelligence gathering role ONLY. No more secret CIA budget. No more secret CIA military. No more secret CIA nation-state operating without presidential knowledge. This is probably one of the reasons JFK got killed off. More Dec 2020.

We Need Criminal Vote Fraud Charges

Tore Maras

Listen to this Lady! We need an indictment: a formal written document of criminal charges so that we can see the evidence and investigation. ...The only time you'll be able to see any investigation, any discovery....is after an indictment has been issued. Do you understand now?... More Dec 2020.

More Kraken Info


Tech details start at 6:15 minutes. Jeffrey Prather - Krakened! Not Myth But Real! Jeffrey Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government. In addition to hosting his own call in weekly talk radio show, The Prather Point, he is also a martial arts master and teacher, Apache wisdom teacher... Dec 2020.

What is the Great Re$et?

George Gammon

What is the Great Re$et? Global Elites Agenda To Control YOUR LIFE And The Economy! 3 Simple Steps. Their Disturbing Utopian Vision. What are their objectives? In Jan 2021 World Economic Forum will host a five-day online summit called Davos Agenda. The focus is implementation of The Great Reset. Backed up with data from the WEF website. Join the Rebel Capitalist Show for analysis. More George Gammon Nov 2020.

Election Fraud: Hammer and ScoreCard Software

Fitton / Powell

Sidney Powell Publicly Calls Out HAMMER And SCORE CARD Election Fraud Software On Lou Dobbs. She went there. Keep in mind who she represents - one of the most connected intelligence officers in the world. More Nov 2020.

Stocks & 60 Yr Social Cycle

Charles Nenner

Crush The Street interviews Charles Nenner, former Goldman Sachs financial guru. Nenner says get out of the markets. Listen to this 11 minute interview from a financial cycle expert. More Nov 2020.

Covid Injection

Robert F Kennedy Jr

The pharmaeutical industry is notoriously corrupt...This is how they will fool you....We have the most aggressive vaccine schedule in the world in this country and we have the worst health in our children and adults. We have the worst infant mortality....there's only two countries in the world that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise on TV and New Zealand is one and we're the other Transcript Oct 2020.

PayPal Goes Crypto

Bix Weir

PayPal to Allow Cryptocurrency Buying, Selling and Shopping. ...PayPal has had this on the back shelf for over five years. It's been ready to go....Everything almost got implemented in 2017. Sidelined because [of] a couple of people...Shop at 26 million merchants on the network...starting in early 2021... More Oct 2020.

Hunter Biden Sex Tapes

China Whistleblowers

Fast forward to 3 minutes. Sex and pedo tapes on Hunter Biden. China whistleblowers provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi. More Oct 2020.

Trump: Bombastic But More Authentic

Victor Davis Hanson

Biggest plus is NO NEW WARS! Deregulation. Jobs. Lower taxes. Your pocketbook. No one wants socialism because it doesn't work.....15 years ago he would have run as a democrat. More Oct 2020.

Biden Fed Crimes Uncovered

Rudy Giuliani

Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 78 More Oct 2020.

Delta Weather War?

Hurricane Delta

From Above Ground World News. Hurricane Delta Weather Warfare. More Oct 2020.

Interest Rate Focus

Grant / Taggart

All about interest rates. What do they mean? Adam Taggart from PeakProsperity.com interviews interest rate guru James Grant Market Risk Is Near The Highest In History: Investors want their money to generate income. When bond interest rates (yield) are high they invest in bonds to get the high return. When bond interest rates are low, they put their money into other vehicles to get a return on their investment. Ok, and that is just the start. Taggart and Grant explain. More. Oct 2020.

New Madrid Update


Keeping up with the seismic zones. 10/04/2020 -- DEW Directed Energy Weapon beams into New Madrid Seismic Zone as 1,100F temps flare up. More. Oct 2020.

Immunometabolism & Your Health

Robbins / Stellman

Amazing research guru and communications expert Morley Robbins explains missing medical truths. Join Magnesium-Man / Mineral-Man for this blockbuster interview! Download Morley's Root Cause Protocol. More and RCP123.org. Oct 2020.


Weir / Schectman

12 hour warning. Filter out the Noise. Misdirection of the public. Red Alert! Last Chance to Buy Physical Silver CHEAP!! - Bix Weir & Andy Schectman. More. Sept 2020.

Mighty Buildings

3D Printed

Tiny House made with 3D Printed Synthetic Stone | Mighty Buildings Raised $30M from Silicon Valley... More and More. Sept 2020.

So You Wanna Take Down the Deep State?

Really Graceful

Today we're aiming straight for the Achilles heel of the deep state - Mit R0mney More. Sept 2020.

Marimo Moss Balls

Jill Maurer

Marimo Moss Balls are a wonderful green addition to your living space or freshwater aquarium. These algae marimo balls add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide and nitrates from aquariums. Marimo ....Marimo is its Japanese name; its also known as a Cladophora ball. More and More. Sept 2020.

Insider Updates

Jim Willie

No right or left. Just data and power-influence analysis. Intrepid geo-political banking detective explains what is going on behind the scenes. Important AmrcaFir$t background info: fast forward to 35 minutes and 1:20 minutes. More Aug 2020.

US Dollar?

Maloney / Clark / Martenson

Has US Dollar Lost Critical Support? What Next? ...the big problem here is government and central banks are going to try to beat this through currency creation and manipulation of the economy... [More] Aug 2020.

Money Supply Update

Jim Willie

William Mount interviews statistical expert Jim Willie on US Dollar status. ...We are repeating Weimar Republic finances.... Many experts see a banking collapse coming. Important international perspective from Jim Willie. [More] Aug 2020.