Crypto Portfolio Example
HODL your core coins (BSV).

When crypto crashes, you buy more. Sideways, you hold. When crypto goes up, you take profits.

A Flexible Plan is Essential.

Top portfolio coins: bottom of page.

Crypto Cyles: Learn at CryptoCrewUniversity

Focus on Long-Term Profits

Focus on a plan for long-term profits. Avoid and/or limit random trades to a small percentage because they usually lose money.

Starting out with cryptos? Which ones do I buy? Create your own portfolio using sample options below. Be flexible. Add your own favorites.

Your #1 Crypto Skill is Positioning

Positioning yourself before major market moves is your key skill. How to do this? Learn about crypto (BTC) market cycles with CryptoCrewUniversity. More links below.

Develop the ability to flex to alternative views. Do not be locked into only one position. ~ CryptoSniper. Core Investment Principles: 1.) Set your percentages for performance (trading) vs stability (holding). 2.) BUY near the market bottoms. 3.) Take PROFITS near the market tops. You need to know crypto cycles.

If you do not know where the yield is coming from then YOU are the yield.

Wrapped tokens are an IOU. LP Tokens are an IOU.

Swing Trading

At we are long-term swing traders, not day-traders. Why? Stats show that most day-traders lose money. However, learning about day-trading and how to trade will increase your market knowledge and help you make profitable long-term trades.

CryptoCrewUniversity on YouTube

Where are we right now? Summer of 2024: Understanding how to Read the Market. Are we in the beginning of the transition (flip) from BTC to BSV?

How to Identify the BULL Run: Phase 1 and Phase 2 | BUY in the: Golden Zone | Track the Moving Averages: 21 and 50 Day Moving Average and 50 and 100 Day Moving Average | When to SELL

Real Defi vs Centralized KYC

At we typically avoid the big exchanges and don't leave our coins on them for long periods of time. We no longer use Poloniex or Bittrex (bankrupt) and avoid the exchanges that are moving to centralized KYC. We prefer real-Defi. In 2023 we still occaisionally use Kucoin, but mainly rely on the swaps such as,, and

How to Buy Crypto - Easy | Buy Crypto - More | Prices: and

More Links for Market Cycles

More on daily stock trading if interested. Please understand that the stock market is highly manipulated by computer trading. Steve Mauro's Beat the Market Makers: BTMM 01 | BTMM 02

Buy Low and Sell High

Buy low and sell high. Do the opposite of the crowd. Buy near market lows / crashes.

Sell some of your coins (take profits) close to market tops. This cannot be overemphasized enough: During a bull (upwards) market, TAKE PROFITS. Take profits into USD, precious metals, or other cryptocurrency. Be cautious with the stablecoins. More on the Terra Luna/UST attack. At the next crash low, use those profits to buy more coins. Repeat this cycle. Always keep (HODL) a comfortable percentage of core positions. Try to keep a reserve so you can buy at market lows or cash out as needed. Pay off your debts.

Decision Parameters?

80% to 90% of your portfolio should be in core projects that your trust. So how do you know which projects to trust?

Here are some key decision parameters. What is the founders' track record? Is there a strong community? Has the coin/chain been hacked multiple time without fixes? How strong is the dev community? How strong is the marketing community? What is the function? Where is the value? How much liquidity do you need? In other words, you may have purchased a smaller coin that has high profits 3 years in the future, but is difficult to sell at the moment (low liquidity).

More parameters for choosing: use case (functions/services/benefits), open source code, liquidity in a bear market, solo blockchain, market cap, community benefit, mineable, governance, understandable website.

Note: These are non-ETHEREUM selections because ETH is frustratingly expensive and slow. Most of the coins below are available on Exodus, Atomic Wallet, Metamask and Osmosis.

Barbell Portfolio

Barbell Portfolio Structure. Large amounts of steady, core, reliable coins/projects (HODL). Smaller amount of high-risk-high-reward coins.

Some key investment tips from Crypto Empire: Don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Keep core safety positions in high-volume, high-liquidity coins. See link above regarding stablecoin caution. Don't get overly attached to a project. Research your projects. Position yourself for future trends. Know when you want to ride out a crash.

This portfolio avoids crypto fashions. Do extra research on fashion (quick narrative) coins. If you trade, use only a limited part of your portfolio to buy and sell quickly for profits. So currently there are no DAOs, no Game Coins, no NFT coins, no Wrapped coins* and no AI coins on this list. There are good coins in this arena, but they require extra research. How long do you plan to hold a wrapped coin? Pursue these with extra money that you can afford to lose. * Where does the wrapped coin live (whose address?) and who controls it? Is it on an exchange? Many of these coins are still in development phases and need refinement. What percentage of your coins are staked? Again, find out how long it takes to unstake and know that you may be stuck in a position for a longer time and unable to sell staked coins quickly.

MOON Bag !

Be sure to keep a moon bag. What is a moon bag? Let's say your crypto goes up in value. So you take profits into USD, precious metals, other cryptos. But you keep just 10% or 20% in reserve. Why? What if suddenly the crypto goes up in value 1000x or more? You still have the reserve that you can cash out. This is what cryptocurrencies are famous for. This is why you need a moon bag.

Wrapped Coins and LP Coins

Please understand that wrapped coins/tokens and Liquidity Provider (LP) coins/tokens are IOU's, a promise to exchange for the original coins. Proceed with caution. Research first. Plan your timelines and know that if a coin company/exchange/address is frozen you may be stuck with LP tokens or wrapped tokens for longer than anticipated or forever.

Transactions Per Second (TPS)

BSV Wins the Day! Outlining the important Transactions Per Second (TPS) speed parameter. These 2024 numbers are approximate. A few examples:

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Currently at 100,000 TPS and moving to Teranode which runs at 1 MILLION TPS and more.

Bitcoin (BTC) runs at 20 TPS. Ethereum (ETH) runs at 40 TPS. These are generous estimates.

Visa and Mastercard run at approximately 1000 TPS. Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) run at 1000 TPS.

Other high-TPS chains include: Cosmos (ATOM) runs at 10,000 TPS. Velas (VLS) runs at 50,000 TPS. TON coin (TON) and BitGert (BRISE) run at 100,000 TPS. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Teranode takes the cake, running at 1 MILLION TPS.

Strong Networks

Who started the coin? Who is in the Network? How devoted is the network? Why? Metcalf's Law. Check out PulseChain (PLS).

What is the economic purpose?

What is an Admin Key?

What is the product? What is it used for?

Wrapped tokens are an IOU. LP Tokens are an IOU.

Find projects with beneficial whales at the top with long-term track records such as CZ of Binance or Richard Heart of Pulsechain. What percentage of your portfolio are you holding and what percentage are you trading?

(Luna/UST combo removed after the May 2022 crash/attack. Founder: Do Kwon.)

Where to Buy BSV?

Note: Many exchanges cen$or BSV. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) can easily be stored in your desktop wallet. Since the date of this writing, it can also be purchased through Exodus wallet or at

PORTFOLIO Coins. Holding Approx 1 - 5 Years?

This is NOT the Perfect Portfolio. But it does work great for us at EnergyMe333. We hope it gives you tips to create your own perfect portfolio!

EnergyMe333 does NOT provide financial advice. EnergyMe333 provides Self-Education Tools. This is a starting point for your own research. What is your risk level?

__% BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), Binance Smart Chain (BNB - BEP20), Cosmos (ATOM). HIGH Liquidity & HIGH Throughput/Speed (Transactions Per Second). Note: We are transitioning a big Chunk of our long-term portfolio into BSV and BNB.

__% Saito (SAITO), BitGert (BRISE), Velas (VLX). FAST, FAST, FAST. Cheap or no fees. Decentralized. High TPS. Alternative, independent chains that can handle WORLD throughput. Transactions Per Second (TPS) of 50,000+ to 100,000+. These are new and upcoming blockchains. These are long-term holds.

__% PulseChain (PLS) and (PLSX). NEW DEFI Chain. Low fees. Decentralized. Cycle 1 Coin.

__% Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Jasmy (JASMY). STATIST-CBDC Coins. ****

__% Litecoin (LTC) and/or Doge (DOGE). FAST, Widely Recognized, Solo-Chain PAYMENT COINS.

__% Modefi (MOD), TokenFi (TOKEN), Chainlink (LINK), VeChain (VET/VTHO), OpenOcean (OOE). PRICE ORACLES and Strong Utility Coins.

__% Floki (FLOKI), Doge (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB). CLASSIC MEME COINS !

__% TITANO. HIGH-RISK gamble. **

This is a just-so-you-know caution: Bitcoin and Ethereum are SLOW and EXPENSIVE. BCH is still slow. This is why we prefer the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Check out this Summary of BTC by Richard Heart, the founder of HEX.

Other Options

More options: TON coin (TON). Jackal (JKL) - hot file storage, on Osmosis?
Classics: Theta/Tfuel (THETA / TFUEL), Reef Finance (REEF), Polygon (MATIC on Metamask Polygon Network). Classic ethereum coins that have been stuck for 2 years due to high eth gas prices: OMG, PPT, VERI (Long-term holds). Privacy: CCX (Conceal) - privacy?

__% ***** SPECULATIVE: Small Test Amounts. These are NOT core assets. Only a small test percentage of your portfolio here. Passive Income-Reward coin options with anti-rug-pull-mechanisms? Test small amount first. Caution: be sure to take profits ASAP on these coins. BodaV2 (BODAV2) 19% BUSD Rewards.

***** We are all for the Beneficial-Whales that take profits in steps over time. It's the Rug-Pull-Whales that are problematic. Screen for anti-rug-pull-mechanisms such as: sell fee that benefits holders, liqudity locks, time-locks, maximum-sell-amount-code that prevents massive sell offs where max sell volume is limited to a percent/ratio per wallet address or treasury holding or time-lock. Screen treasury holdings for high liquidity coins. DAOs: The authors are pro-DAO but also realize they are in a rapid-development phase. So screen carefully and avoid the rug-pulls.

**** Please be aware that the Ripple (XRP) blockchain is private, centralized, and manipulated. Both XRP and XLM charge a coin fee to open a wallet. Both XRP and XLM have unlimited coins (unlimited printing). Hold XRP for short term gains (1-3 years) and translate profits into decentralized coins. Ditto for Binance. Binance is a centralized exchange.

**** Binance (BNB). Binance programming runs on Cosmos (ATOM). Be aware that Binance is also centralized, but is supportive and transitioning to decentralized projects.

*** Hex (HEX) is a Certificate of Deposit vehicle on the blockchain. HEX is currently on Ethereum, but will be moving to the new PulseChain when Richard Heart calls the next crypto market bottom (2023?). Richard Heart has been amazingly accurate in the past and we highly value his judgement in this area. Crypto Coffee: 6 Reasons That Reveal The HEX Origin Address's REAL Intentions (Proof).

** Small coins with high-risk, high-reward potential. Titano (TITANO) is a high risk rebase/compounding coins. Titano is keyed to Binance (BNB). This type of coin can be highly profitable and highly volatile at same time! Withdrawal fees. Make withdrawals in steps.

* LTC will be slow compared with Solana (SOL). Digibyte will be faster than LTC or SOL.