EXODUS Wallet. EASY and SECURE Way to Buy Bitcoin

Super Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Get yourself a cup of coffee and follow along with this free tutorial. We advise a desktop wallet as your first cryptocurrency wallet, especially larger amounts (savings). Phone wallets can be convenient once you are familiar with crypto. Don't lose your coins! Please do not put large amounts of coins on a phone wallet as they are less secure.

Why Exodus is a very solid option for crypto newbies. The average person can expect to have a simple, headache-free experience with the built in exchange and storage of cryptocurrencies in the wallet. ~

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Important Security Information has NO ACCESS to your cryptocurrency or to your password / pass phrase.

YOU control your own password / pass phrase / private keys. Please understand that you are responsible for your password information. If you lose your password / pass phrase / private keys, you lose your coins.

Exodus support will NEVER ask for your 12-word phrase (backup seed phrase). Please understand that if someone asks for your password / pass phrase they are a SCAMMER.

If your Exodus wallet password / pass phrase / private keys information is ever compromised, immediately setup a new Exodus wallet with all new pass info and transfer your funds over to the new wallet.

Security 101: Do NOT Give Out Your Password, 12-Word Phrase or Private Keys.

Security 101: Practice With Small Amounts First.

Security 101: Avoid CoinBase.

Step 1: Download Desktop Wallet

Important: First, please verify that you are downloading from or (Same Company).

Next, download the desktop version. Recommended for first time crypto users.

What is Exodus? Your crypto transactions live on the global internet ledger. is a window or reader into the global account ledger. Exodus simply reads the account information on the global ledger. Then Exodus displays your account information (crypto balance and transactions) to you.

Step 2: Install & Setup Wallet

a.) Slow down. Get your coffee or fav drink. b.) Watch the full video. c.) Start at the beginning. Stop the video as you follow along and complete each step. You only need to download and setup the Desktop Wallet. Skip the other steps. Write down your passwords.

Exodus Wallet Tutorial 2023. Exodus Desktop Crypto Wallet, MoneyZG
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Step 3: Watch Tutorial - What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin runs on a. blockchain. A blockchain is a global accounting ledger.
What is Bitcoin? 99 Bitcoins: Translating Bitcoin to Plain English.
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Step 4: Buy Crypto Using Wallet

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How to Buy with phone wallet.

Don't know what coin to buy? See our EnergyMe333 Crypto Portfolio Tutorial.

Start small. Test the process. Buy $10-$50 worth of cryptos at a time.

Just repeating because this is important. Crypto transactions live on the internet ledger. Wallets are a window into this global ledger. Wallets show your balance and transactions.

Step 5: Backup Your Passwords, 12 Word Phrase, Public and PRIVATE Keys

Exodus Wallet: How to View and Export Private Keys
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Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

If or other wallet company disappears, your coins can be imported into a new wallet using the pass phrase / PRIVATE keys. Your coins exist on the blockchain, NOT the wallet company.

Just repeating because this is really, really important. Do NOT share your private keys. Only scammers will ask for your password / pass phrase / private keys. Exodus wallet support does not have access to your password / pass phrase / private keys. If you lose your password / pass phrase / private keys, you lose your coins!

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