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What Are Cryptocurrencies Q & A
Cryptos are a new electronic money system independent from the big-central-bank monopoly.

blockchains are global accounting ledgers.

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Security 101: Don't Give Out Your Private Keys.

Security 101: Practice With Small Amounts First.

Q: Who Controls My Cryptos?

A: Make your transactions anytime, 24 / 7 from the convenience of your laptop or phone app. You do not have to ask a bank if you are allowed to make a transaction. No more banking hours. No more charges for international transactions.

A: You make the transaction when you want, for how much you want, directly to the producer. No bank middleman.

Q: What About Privacy?

A: Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) are named for cryptography or encryption, where ordinary information, called plain text, is converted to cipher code (secret code or hash) to ensure privacy.

Details on The SHA256 Hash Encryption

Q: What are the Key Parts of the Crypto System?

The key parts include: 1.) Global accounting ledger called the blockchain. 2.) Security encryption is designed into the system. 3.) Always open, send and receive your cryptos anytime. 4.) You control your own transactions - you do not have to ask a big bank. 5.) Low fees depending on the crypto. Our recommendations! (Scroll to bottom of page)

Q: What is the blockchain?

A: The blockchain is a global accounting ledger. Imagine a giant excel spreadsheet with transaction data. Now imagine it on the internet.

The blockchain is a public, open source, self-resolving, mathematics based ledger where all transactions are recorded. The purpose of blockchains is global, public consensus of accurate transactions. Many blockchains are decentralized. However, there are some, like Ripple (XRP) that are centrally controlled by BigBankMonopolies just like the old system.

Q: How does a Bitcoin Transaction Work?

Curious Inventor: How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

Q: How Fast Are Cryptos?

A: Bitcoin Satoshi Version (BSV) Teranode runs at 1 MILLION Transactions Per Second (TPS). Cosmos (ATOM) is still FAST at 10,000 TPS. Bitcoin (BTC) runs at about 20 TPS max. Litecoin (LTC) is still faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum. The transaction is usually complete within minutes or hours at low cost. You control the transaction. Compare this to ACH (multiple days) and bank wires (expensive).

A: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have slow transaction speeds (several hours to a full day depending on the volume of transactions on the network). They are also expensive.

Q: Where Do I Keep My Cryptos?

A: With cryptos you are your own bank. Your cryptos live on the global blockchain. View your crypto account on your own phone app, laptop and-or desktop computer using crypto wallet software ( or or hardware (Trezor or Nano-S).

Q: Is there a Limit to How Many Coins Can Be Created?

A: Yes. With many cryptos, the bigBanks no longer control the accounting ledgers and can no longer create unlimited amounts of money. Most crypto coins are limited in the amount that can be created. No double spending is allowed. The electronic coin represents a currency unit or a company product/service based on value, not debt.

Sad to say, there are cases where bigBanks control the cryptos and create unlimited amounts. Good examples of this are Tether (USDT) and Ripple (XRP). So be cautious and do some research before buying. Use our Example Crypto Portfolio as a flexible template. Modify and add your own favorite coins!

Q: What About Scams?

A: Please be aware that there are cryptos that are scams and that are corrupt, where the situation above does not apply. Keep your private keys private. Do not lose your coins.

CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS [& The Bankers Are Losing]

An in-depth look by Clif High (2017): CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS [& The Bankers Are Losing]

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Q: How Do Central Banks Steal Our Wealth?

Remember, the Central Banks are private corporations even though they advertise themselves as being public. Please thank for any missing vids. Cen$ors.

Maloney Explains on X22 Report (2018): It's Fraud & Theft, The Central Banks Get Special Set Of Laws To Steal Our Wealth

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Q: Why do we need a new money system? A: ...We create a special class of people called bankers that get a special set of laws that apply to them only, where they can commit fraud and theft by creating brand new dollars. These are counterfeit, because any new fractional reserve lending, any new credit they create, and new base currency the Federal Reserve and Treasury create when they swap I.O.U.s, that's all fraud and theft...... ~ Mike Maloney, Nov 2018.