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Budget Dark Money
the hidden system of finance

...if trillions of dollars have been stolen, I think that has to be on the table before we try to balance the budget on the backs of the people it has been stolen from... [3:30 min] ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Criminals Running US Government (March 2016). Greg Hunter of USAwatchdog.com interviews Catherine Austin Fitts, financial detective and whistleblower in the first Bush admin where she served as Assistant Secretary of HUD, Dept of Housing and Urban Development.

Where is the 8.5 Trillion?

...I was just looking for all the money disappearing from the federal budget. So we have 8.5 trillion missing from the federal budget. We have 27 trillion dollars to balance. I've talked a lot about the financial coup-de-tat. And I think a lot of that money, after the Kennedy administration we took the space program dark. [ie. it was removed from the accounting books] [1:30 min]

The Invisible Space Economy

So I think there has been a lot of money going into space or the industrial activities on planet earth we need to support that kind of space effort...it's one of the most important drivers in the economy and it's amazing because it is so invisible [1:30 min]

...the banks have been running a hidden system of finance and a national security state which is secret... you get a whole lot of criminality coming along with that, and it's destroying productivity... [11:30 min]

The Central Bank Warfare Model

...the American government as a model is running the central banking warfare model globally and it depends heavily on criminal profits. If you look at the general population, Greg, the general population supports that. That's what's important to understand if we are going to re-engineer this, i've told you the red button story many times....the general population supports that as long as they can pretend they don't have responsibility for it. Because if you look at the criminality within the United States, the narcotics trafficking, the mortgage fraud, the stuffing innocent people into prison, that is being implemented one county at a time in 3100 counties... [12:00 min] ~ Greg Hunter Interview With Catherine Austin Fitts: Criminals Running US Government, March 2016

Richard Dolan and Catherine Austin Fitts

The Off-Balance-Sheet Civilization

...the Pentagon's budget for 2001 was...310 Billion, so 2.3 TRILLION is almost 8 times that amount, so ....how do you lose 8 times your annual budget ? ! !....So how do you lose more than 100 percent of the taxes the American people pay?... [4:40 min]

..these are not fringy topics.... 21 TRILLION dollars is not fringy....This is an extreme situation....Where is this money going?....We are talking about building a civilization that is off balance-sheet.... [17:30 min]