Unveiling A Titan
Mike Wilkerson at Stellium7 a two year forensic study of Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain

All truth goes through three stages ...ridiculed...violently rejected...third, accepted as self-evident. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Revealing An Ancient World

UNVEILING A TITAN - PART 1 - Conclusive Proof Titans Existed.

UNVEILING A TITAN - PART 2 - Deep into the Eye of Montgo

PART 3 - The Ear of Montgo
PART 4 - The Tissues of Montgo
PART 5 - NEW DISCOVERIES and G00gle Ear+h Cen$0rship

Sarah Westall Interviews Mike Wilkerson

Sarah Westall Interviews Mike Wilkerson. Giant Remains Flash Fossilized in Past Cataclysm, Giant Bones, Star Forts w/Dr. Wilkerson, Stellium7

....Don't miss the Unveiling a Titan series Parts 1-5. It presents the findings of a two year forensic study of the great mountain Montgo, on the Costa Blanca in Spain...Evidence is mounting that what we think of as Geology is actually Bio-Geology. We are quite literally walking and living on the remains of those that lived before...