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Iodine Detoxes the Neurotoxin Fluoride

There is no virus, bacteria, parasite that has been shown to be resistant against iodine. Iodine is an integral part of our covid therapy. ~

Dr. David Brownstein

Part 1, IODINE, Thyroid, Cancer and Covid.
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Part 2, IODINE, Thyroid, Cancer and Covid.
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Part 3, IODINE, Thyroid, Cancer and Covid.
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FULL Interview: Anna Sparre interviews Dr. Brownstein 284b: Dr David Brownstein - IODINE, the thyroid, cancer and covid-19 (English).

20:00 minutes: summary of one reason for breast cancer epidemic. 28:00 minutes: why it is important to have iodine/iodide supplement combination.

Also see Dr. Brownstein's Busting the Iodine Myths.

Breast Cancer and Iodine Deficiency

Is there a solution to the breast cancer epidemic? What's the common factor between thyroid disease and cancer of the prostate, ovaries, breasts and uterine? And why do so many suffer from cysts and fibrocystic breasts? An interview with Dr David Brownstein about iodine, where we discuss many very interesting aspects of iodine, how to take it, and how to improve thyroid health, cancer and covid as well as other aspects of your health. ~ Anna Sparre at

I am frequently asked by my patients: if you only had one natural item to treat with, which would it be? Although there are many natural items that provide wonderful effects for the body, one nutrient stands head and shoulders above the rest: iodine. ~ Dr. David Brownstein,

Iodine Myths

There are so many myths about iodine, but I will focus on two main myths propagated by many conventional doctors. Myth No. 1 is that we get enough iodine in salt, and Myth No. 2, that taking iodine as a supplement will cause or worsen thyroid disorders. Because of these myths, people have the mistaken idea that iodine is a toxic substance that needs to be avoided. ~ Dr. David Brownstein,

More on Iodine Deficiency

Most people know that the thyroid uses lots of iodine to make thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland gets to use iodine before other parts of the body. However, most people don't know that every gland in the body that secretes something needs large amounts of iodine.

Iodine is the 'truck' that carries the secretion from inside the cell to outside the cell. Thus most cysts in the body are due to iodine deficiency as the secretions are accumulated inside the cells to form cysts. A partial list of cells that secrete is given below: 1.) Thyroid has the highest concentration 2.) Salivary glands 3.) Cerebrospinal Fluid and Brain 4.) Intestinal Mucosa [and many more] ~ Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, Healing is Voltage, The Handbook, pg.276

Dr. Edward Group: Deep Dive on Iodine.

Iodine DEEP DIVE: anti-FIBROCYSTIC Breast Disease, anti-CANCER, anti-EMF, anti-Radiation Therapy.

Everything You Need To Know About Iodine
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