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Thiamine B1
Elliot Overton, CFMP

Nation-wide Thiamine Deficiency? Are You Seeing it All Around You?

Excess consumption of refined carbohydrates, along with several other factors sets the stage for chronic thiamine insufficiency. This condition is so difficult to spot because it is known to manifest in a variety of different ways for each individual, and so it is often mistaken for other health conditions and not treated. ~ Elliot Overton, CFMP

Nation-wide Thiamine Deficiency? Is Beri Beri a Problem of the Past? Elliot Overton, CFMP
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Low Thiamine B1 Connection to SIBO and GERD. Numerous cycles of antibiotics but keep relapsing?
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Low Thiamine = Neuro & Gut Symptoms

Neuropathy is a well established consequence of chronic thiamine deficiency. It is known that thiamine supports nerve conduction, and plays several roles in maintaining healthy neurological function in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. ~

Damage to nerves in the periphery might produce paraesthesia (tingling), burning, numbness, or even chronic pain. A few symptoms of central injury can include hearing loss/deafness, visual disturbances or blindness. ~

One reason for nerve damage in thiamine deficiency relates to a downregulation of transketolase, which is an enzyme involved in the pentose phosphate pathway. One function of this pathway is to provide reducing power for the regeneration of glutathione, the primary intracellular antioxidant. In thiamine deficiency, a lack of reduced glutathione renders nerve tissue susceptible to injury from oxidative onslaught. ~ More at

Gut and SIBO Symptoms. Thiamine Deficiency - A Potential Cause of SIBO and other Gut Dysfunction? Thiamine's uptake from the gut may be disrupted in cases of malabsorption, which is a common feature of SIBO. The composition of the microbiota resident in the gut also appears to be important, since certain bacteria can rapidly degrade thiamine. ~

...Although this is not an area which has received much attention in gut-health circles, thiamine deficiency might also be considered a primary cause of SIBO and other functional gut disorders. ~ More at

Elliot Overton, CFMP