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mRNA Vaccine Bioweapon

Virus & Vax Detox with Ivermectin, Suramin, and EDTA.

Both the virus (poison) and the vaccine (synthetic mRNA / poison) are lab-engineered bioweapons.

The vaccine is worse. You can detox from both.

The vaccine is delivered via a nanoparticle spike protein...We can go through the documentation. This isn't about genetic mutations, this is about nanoparticle technology that was developed by the US Military. 4:30 minutes ~

I think we are dealing with a synthetic nanoparticle, they took nature....they modified it, they packaged it, they put it in a toxin and they spread it around. Look, if this had been airborne it would have gone through every city in the world, you could not have stopped it. 16 minutes ~

Here is an explanation of the natural and synthetic parasites we are facing, and a guide to the three things you need to do to protect yourself and your family. I do not believe the vaccine is an irreversible step. ~

Covid-Vax is Virus or Parasite? How to Protect Yourself.
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Karen Kingston Explains the synthetic mRNA Lipid Nanoparticle Technology

Karen Kingston is 9-12 months ahead of the news cycle. 4 HYBRID TECHNO-BIOLOGIES Wrapped Into Each Other: 1.) mRNA code, 2.) Lipid nanoparticles are composed of 3 main items: hydroGel contains nanotubes that contains quantum dots. Could also include graphene oxide, synthetic venom and luciferase. 3.) Vaccine-VirusPoison-Spike Protein replication within the human cell, 4.) Quantum means electro-magnetic frequency-resonance. Includes 5G. Oct 2022.

Hydrogel, Nanotube and Quantum Dot. What is it?
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Fluorescent-Resonant Quantum Dots inside of Nanotubes.
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Meant to spawn inside the body. Parasite HYBRID Part Biology-Part Tech.
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Cognitive action cyborg parasite. Autonomous nano-sensor.
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FULL SHOW Health Ranger Report - Karen Kingston uncovers patents revealing cognitive action spike protein structures in vaccines, Oct 2022.

The Body Has Trouble Breaking Down the Synthetic mRNA

A healthy immune system can defend itself against a natural virus. But the synthetic mRNA vaccines are different. Why synthetic? [natural] mRNA virus (vaccine) is an unstable code. These weaponized viruses cannot infect a human being unless they are merged with [synthetic] lipid-nanoparticle technology. ~ Karen Kingston. These weaponized viruses only become contagious after a human host takes the synthetic mRNA vaccine and then starts producing the virus themselves.

Understanding the Technical Terms

Lipid (fatty) nanoparticles are combination biology-highTech.

Lipid nanoparticles are composed of 3 items: hydroGel that contains nanotubes that contains quantum dots. Nanotube: single wall carbon-graphene-nanotube that is one atom thick and encapsulates the Quantum Dot. Qui's carbon nanotubes are a fraction of the size of a single human hair....their thickness is typically six nanometers or less.

Quantum means electro-magnetic frequency or resonance. Quantum dot (Qdot) means frequency plus a light-emitting pigment (fluorescence) atom/molecule. 'Quantum' activation is through frequency / em resonance. Autonomous nano-bio-sensors (fullerenes) capable of cognitive action (controlled through frequency signals).

Moderna has a master patent that references 90 other patents. (23 min) Moderna's master patent to deliver part-biology, part-technology, bio-synthetic, fully-programmable nano-particles. The patent states that this technology is meant to 'spawn inside the body' - meaning it has parasitic properties.

CLO2 for Covid / Vax

CLO2 is already being used against c0vid-i9. Did you know CLO2 is used in drinking water purification systems and blood donor purification worldwide? CLO2 CDS RescueMe Handbook.

Vaxxdemic RescueMe Handbook. Ignore the media hysteria. Read Kerri Rivera's Cv-19 handbook.

Why CDS / CLO2 is safe

Original Covid-19 Bioweapon Discussions

....bioweapons are engineered to have a three year, multi-cycle impact on the target population... ~ Clif High

Prevotella Bacillus in the Gut Contributing Factor?

Prevotella Bacillus Symbiotic with C0vid-19. 8:00 minutes: ...This Prevotella Bacillus is known in humans to cooperate with regular flu viruses, regular coronavirus. It's known to allow those viruses to infest humans through its biofilm within the gut....Prevotella... is anaerobic, it does not use burns sugar in the absence of 0xygen... ~ Clif High Discussion of Prevotella Bacillus, Critical Thinking Year 0, War, April 5, bio1abs & bat5hit, 2020.

1:10 minutes: ....This bacteria [Prevotella] is host, in this complicated process, with the virus [C0vid-19]...If there is a relationship between it [C0vid-19] and this very...broad species of bacteria, then it would seem logical to presume that at many points in our process of attempting to defeat the virus, we are missing it because the virus is at that point involved with the bacillus, and we're not looking for the bacillus....The virus is hiding or participating with the bacillus, which is altering our tests. This would account for why the tests are wonky [not reliable].... And why there are so many unusual disease process variables such as: ....people get better and then they don't...people get better, they have a 3 day lag then they fall over dead... ~ Clif High Discussion of Prevotella Bacillus Critical Thinking, April 2, Smoking Bats #2, 2020.

Two Phase Infection Pattern?

18:00 minutes: ...The problem is not in the lungs. It is in the blood. The blood becomes unable to process 0xygen and carbon dioxide and you suffocate. Even though you have got adequate ability to move your lungs... ~ Clif High Discussion of Prevotella Bacillus, Critical Thinking Year 0, War, April 5, bio1abs & bat5hit, 2020.

C0vid-19 Bacterial Genus Revealed? Is This Bacteria Increasing the Virulence of C0vid-19? ...a bacteria from the Prevotella genus may be responsible for this two-pronged attack and for the virulence of the pneumonia in the second phase of the research has linked increased Prevotella abundance to inflammatory disorders....

There seem to be two phases to the C0vid-19 infection process. ...typical viral infection symptoms accompanying phase 1 (...fever, fatigue, swollen glands, headache, myalgias [muscle pain], nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc...) then a short period of feeling better between phase 1 and 2.....then phase 2: ...respiratory distress, low grade fever, pneumonia...

Chinese Herbs to Maintain Healthy Immune System During Cold-Damp Phase of Corona Virus (C0vid-19) ...Dr. Demeyer of the OLV Hospital in Aalst, Belgium reports that all the C0vid-19 patients have the same complaints. They have been sick for a week, stayed home with the flu. The flu is over, they think. They feel fine for two days. And then they report with complaints of a dry cough and shortness of breath. When we then have their 0xygen saturation [mea$ured in the b1ood] we see that they have very low 0xygen saturation for their age... Most people, it seems, who are showing up to the doctor's offices and hospitals are likely doing so in phase 2...

CPAP or Oxygen Nasal Cannula More Effective Than Ventilators?

Use the Oxygen First strategy.

Dr. Camer0n Ky!e-Side!l, Maimonedes Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. 5:00 minutes on WebMD interview: (Removed by WebMD) ...I came to realize that this condition is nothing I've ever seen before.... and ....I have witnessed medical phenomena that just don't make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a viral pneumonia.... Alternative Link Here.

NY Times / Kyle-Side!l:

Kyle-Side!l, March/April:

Stat News: With ventilators running out, doctors say the machines are overused for C0vid-19: ...The first batch of evidence relates to how often the machines fail to help. Contrary to the impression that if extremely ill patients with C0vid-19 are treated with ventilators they will live and if they are not, they will die, the reality is far different, said geriatric and palliative care physician Muriel Gillick of Harvard Medical School....

...Many (cor0naviru$) patients have blood oxygen levels so low they should be dead. But they're not gasping for air, their hearts aren't racing, and their brains show no signs of blinking off from lack of oxygen....Researchers in Wuhan, for instance, reported that, of 37 critically ill C0vid-19 patients who were put on mechanical ventilators, 30 died within a month. In a U.S. study of patients in Seattle, only one of the seven patients older than 70 who were put on a ventilator survived....

Original Covid Shows Telltale Signs of CR1SP-R Ge-Nome Editing Software

C0vid-19 Is Man-Made Says HIV-Discoverer and Here:
HIV-Discoverer Says C0vid-19 Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab. .......Professor Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, claims that SARS-CoV-2 (C0vid-19) is a manipulated virus that was accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China...HIV DNA fragments are believed to have been found in the SARS-CoV-2 (C0vid-19) genome.... Luc Montagnier: in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory...

0:48 minutes. ...It is a [bioWeap-0n-in development]. Some of the kinder ways to think about it might be that it was a bioWeap-0n-in development that escaped from ...incompetent bio1abs inWuha-N who were only using level 2 techniques instead of level 4....We know it's a [C0vid-19-precursorBio-weap0n] or a precursor. It is artificial. It [C0vid-19] shows the telltale [signs] of CR1SP-R, the software that is used to stitch ge-Nomes together. In that sense it is bio-engineered.... ~ Clif High, The End of the World as we Knew It, April 7, 2020.

11:00 minutes. ...there was chunk of the virus that was engineeered at Dietr-ich...there was a chunk of the stuff engineeered in Can-ada. It was combined inWuha-N. What was going on there is they put it into the cor0naviru$, but it wasn't just any cor0naviru$ that they had. It was a very specific strain of cor0naviru$ that they took from a very specific strain of Horseshoe bats ... ~ Clif High, C0vid-19 Truths & Realities with Clif High and Jay Campbell, April, 2020.

CR1SP-R Explained.

Wuhan Biolab Captured Bats From Caves Traced To C0vid-19 Outbreak, Had US Funding: ...the lab had been operating in part on a $3.7 million grant from the US government...scientists there experimented on bats as part of a project funded by the US National Institutes of Health, which continues to license the Wuhan laboratory to receive American money for experiments.....

US State Department Cables Warned Of Potential SARS-Like Pandemic After Visiting Wuhan Lab Experimenting With Bat cor0naviru$: ...What the U.S. officials learned during their visits concerned them so much that they dispatched two diplomatic cables...The cables warned about safety and management weaknesses at the WIV lab and ... the lab's work on bat cor0naviru$es and their potential human transmission represented a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic. -Washington Post.....

Also excellent analysis from Chis Martenson, PhD. RaTG13 sequence...suggests that either the sequence itself is not natural OR that the larger c0vid-!9 virus isn't.... Also an excellent E protein explanation indicating that this is not a natural virus.

C0vid-19 Envelope with HIV, MERS, SARS Inclusions

IF it's a bi0W-eap0n, covid19 does not mutate. It simply has 3 faces as discussed by C!if High...i.e. an unusually large lab-created genome that will display symptoms of the as HIV or SARS or MERS insertions. This makes it look as if it is mutating.

C0vid-19 structure. 6:00 minutes. ...viruses don't jump from species to species, as a rule. They do mutate. But the odds are extremely small for an effective mutation to show up in a virus. What kills the seasonal flu every year is the stuff (virus) mutating inside you, but 100% of all those mutations are weaker than the version that got you infected. They don't re-infect you. They die off.... ~ PART #2: Roota's 2020 Timeline (Clif High & Bix Weir)

This virus (C0vid-19) appears to be stable. It does not appear to be prone to mutations. Again, more indications of it being engineered....[7:00 min] It (C0vid-19) has four signatures in its envelope. The cor0naviru$ which affects pigs, chickens,...humans...any mammal with an advancing vagus nerve system...This corona virus, or C0vid-19, has corona virus as its core envelope...This virus has three other signatures in the envelope in which that protein exists. Those three signature are what is fooling our bodies and why we don't get anti-bodies....(your body) is making the anti-body on the shape that it's feeling, the receptors that are being hooked into (attached to), and so on. This virus is presenting a corona virus envelope to your body with either an HIV inclusion, or a MERS inclusion, or a SARS inclusion.... ~ PART #2: Roota's 2020 Timeline (Clif High & Bix Weir)

So your body, if it gets hit with the side of that virus envelope that has the HIV inclusion, is going to make an immuno-protein specific to the virus shape with the HIV inclusion. But if one of the other two (inclusions) happen to hit it next time, it will have no immuno response to the MERS or the SARS that are in that same corona virus envelope. So it is engineered. ~ PART #2: Roota's 2020 Timeline (Clif High & Bix Weir)

Working Down the Immune System: June 2020 Update

June 2020 Working Hypothesis: Wave two is appearing in 3 sunny states FL, AZ, TX in the middle of summer?

In theory, these states with plenty of Vit D synthesis and lots of sheltering in place should not be seeing such high infection numbers. Why the second spike? One possibility is they are the result of being spread by the current wave of protests?

Another possibility is that c0vid!9 has been incubating in sunny FL, AZ and TX. These populations simply had stronger and longer immune responses than NY. So it has taken longer for c0v!d to wear down the population's immune systems. Once the immune system is worn down, the symptoms appear or re-appear?

If the b10wea-pon does not mutate or mutates differently from a normal viru$, it may be showing a different facet or edge of it's large genome. This may explain the possible scenarios above. This may also explain anti-body complexities. Get your Vit C and Chaga.

More Info

More Clif High video presentations.

There are many sources for Vitamin C: some options include ascorbic acid in powder or tablet form, liposomal vit c, elderberry, camu-camu, acerola, chaga, rosehips, black currant, citrus fruits including kiwi-orange-grapefruit, tropical fruits including guava-mango-papaya-amalaki, certain veggies such as peppers, dried basil, saffron, cayenne...etc.

Vit B6 to Reduce / Dampen a Cytokine (Lung Fluid) Storm

Medical Xpress article is referenced below. You can reduce / dampen C0vid-19 cytokine (mucus) storming: 1.) Start B6 immediately. Homocystex is one good option. Also fast acting sublingual and drops. 2.) Start CDS, About CDS/CL02, Chaga (start with small amounts) and Vit D (Cod Liver Oil). Be aware that synthetic Vit D has cautions (D3): See Morley Robbins interview w/ Anna Sparre #219b on Vit D supplementation, and 3.) Start and 4.) Re-mineralize w/ humic fulvic, various seaweed, shilajit, healthy fats, etc.)

What is a C0vid-19 cytokine storm? 21:00 minutes: ...I'm here to tell you how to deal with the aspect by which this virus seems to be ki11ing the young adults. This is what is being reported out ofChina right now [Feb 5, 2020]. This is why we see the people collapse and grab their chest and keel over. They are actually beginning that process of having their lower lungs fill up with fluids as their body goes into this hyper-accelerated immune system response to, let's call it a [bioWeap0n-in-development], the virus [C0vid-19]. ~ Clif High, How to quell a Cytokine Storm 2020

3:00 minutes: ...Over the next few days, the news came out over the D-eeeepp-Ww-ebb [December 2019]. I started following it and I started getting very alarmed when I started seeing doctors from theWuha-N province p0sting, mainly [advanced] medica1 students...about their fears about what they were dealing with. And what they had described it as...sh0cked me to my core, because they were talking about young men in their 30's and 40's whos lu-ngs almost li-quified. In the autop5ies they [the lungs] were damaged. About one third of them were completely non-functional, gray mass they would be hard pressed to identify as human.... ~ Clif High, How to Become Immune to C0vid-19

Article referenced in Medical Xpress: How to Quell A Cytokine Storm: ..The overproduction of immune cells, and their signaling compounds called cytokines, stirs up hyper-inflammation that can cause substantial tissue damage...the team found that SHMT2 also induces immune cells to send out cytokines through its interaction with the BRISC complex. Mutations that disrupt the binding area of BRISC-SHMT2 interfere with this onslaught of inflammation, suggesting a new target for a lupus drug. This interaction was also regulated by vitamin B6 levels in cells...

Long term lung function health and recovery: Essential Oils for Strengthening Lung Function

Internal Scurvy Reported inWuha-N C0vid-19 Autop5ies Similar to Horseshoe Bat Autop5ies

18:30 minutes: ...In the early days in inWuha-N there were a lot of reports from the guys doing autop5ies that in cases of multiple organ failure the patients had the appearance of scurvy in multiple organs. Localized scurvy. Localized scurvy in the endothelial layer. Localized scurvy in veins, arteries, liver....Yet these individuals did not appear to have [or report or show external signs of] scurvy [bleeding sores, anemia, etc.]....This was reported repeatedly in these autop5ies. Scurvy is a disease that is entirely related to vitamin C levels. This is similar to how the bats look when they die from failure of their Point of Use, instant, on-demand vitamin C system. They [the bats] get multiple organ failure as the virus [C0vid-19] overwhelms them and they end up with scurvy. But they rarely show scurvy signs on their external body parts.... ~ Clif High Discussion of Prevotella Bacillus, Critical Thinking Year 0, War, April 5, bio1abs & bat5hit, 2020.

BioWea-P-0n vs Regular Flu

What is a bi0Weap-0n? How is a bi0Weap-0n different from regular flu?

Regular-flu pattern = big spike in infections, then virus mutates into weaker forms and lower cycles of virulence.

Bi0Weap-0n pattern = big spike in infections. But remember, a Bi0Weap-0n is designed and the mutation pattern is different? There are either no mutations or no weaker mutations. It may degrade over time? The virus seems to disappear for awhile after the initial spike (it seems to be incubating). Then it continues in a stronger cycles of virulence as it moves through populations who have weak immune systems. After this it may degrade again? Something to watch for.

BioWea-P-0n Structure and Timeline

This information can be disruptive. If this is a new topic for you, please consider listening in short increments and centering and stabilizing yourself emotionally with your choice of zen before and after listening. Remember, the solution is simple. It's just Vitamin C. Get some.

Please understand that this is worst-case scenario analysis.

Amazing Clif High Bi0-weaP-0n Analysis, Feb 9, 2020:

Clif High and Bix Weir, Wuhan Report 4/24/20:

Excerpts below from Clif High, critical thinking - safe assumptions, analysis, suggestions Cor0na virus (strong sound levels) feb 9, 2020.

[6:40 minutes] ...that over-reaction [to C0vid-19] would be prudent If it's a bio-Wea-P0n and merely an over-reaction if not. So the downside [to over-reaction] is minimal....My knowledge about bio-Wea-P0ns comes from having gone through the United States War College as an my father when he attended it...

[11:25 minutes] ...there are all these criteria for a biological weapon and unfortunately, so far, the cor0naviru$ [C0vid-19] meets all these criteria: it is hyper-infective, high mortality kills you by...what is known as a cytokine has to be able to be spread by surfaces as well as aerosol, it has to have a certain lifespan on surfaces as well as aerosol as well as in the human body....ideally, it has to be phenotype far, cor0naviru$ [C0vid-19] meets all these criteria...

[13:05 minutes] ...what can we expect if we were to assume this is a bioWea-P-0n?...that there would be a tendency for the spread patterns to follow a certain flow over time within our population, that the mortality rate and mortality cohort...will will start by attacking the very elderly and people with compromised immune starts going through predictable patterns...bioWea-P-0ns are engineered to have a three year, multi-cycle impact on the target population...