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2. Buy Bitcoin - Swaps / Gemini
How to Use Swaps

How to 1.) Buy Crypto - Easy 2.) Buy Crypto - More | Prices:

Security 101: Do NOT Give Out Your Password, 12-Word Phrase or Private Keys.

Security 101: Practice With Small Amounts First.

Security 101: Avoid CoinBase.

Your Public Keys

Public keys are used to move your cryptos to a new address. It could be another crypto exchange, another wallet or to make a purchase, etc.

Move a small amount to test the process before you send large amounts.

Your PRIVATE Keys. Avoid Scams.

Anyone with your private keys can access your cryptos. Do NOT share your private keys. How to avoid scam, theft and fraud:

EASY Crypto Buying/Exchange Options

1.) Easiest: Buy cryptos for USD directly inside the Exodus Wallet with credit card.

2.) Use a Swap: Send your coins to to exchange/trade them. Use the fixed rate option for your first swap. It's usually faster. Watch the video tutorial below first.

Beware of Scams. Verify the Swap Address.

Slow Down. Don't Lose Your Coins.

If it is a new swap for you, exchange a small amount to test the swap before you exchange large amounts. After entering the swap, copy down or take a screen shot of the swap transaction ID. If you have any concerns, send a short email including your swap transaction ID to the support address...Can you check on swap ID [zzz]...

Please watch tutorial below prior to your first swap. It will give you an overview of the swap process. After the swap, practice independently verifying your transaction hash and receiving address in a block explorer (see below).

You are sending one type of coin to the swap and receiving a different coin back in exchange. The basic steps in any swap are: 1.) choose your currencies and amounts, 2.) choose options such as fixed/floating or between various exchanges, 3.) enter YOUR PUBLIC RECEIVING address and double check, 4.) send coins to specified swap address, 5.) wait anywhere from 5 minutes to about 3 hours for coins to arrive in your wallet. *** Longer if network congestion.

Watch this Tutorial

More Tutorials

On your first try, swap a small amount at a fixed rate on It has an easy user interface, clear instructions, clear user confirmations.

Buy Crypto at and/or,

Buy larger amounts of crypto with USD. This is a longer process similar to opening a bank account. Open an account with the Gemini, and/or Bitstamp, Kraken crypto exchanges. Transfer USD from your bank accounts via ACH or wire transfer to Gemini. Once your account is setup, this option is fast and often gives you better prices.

Gemini: How to Open A New Account

Important: move the new coins you buy at Gemini off the exchange to your private wallet like Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Trezor wallet or Ledger Nano wallet.

Move a small amount to test the process before you send large amounts.

Practice Moving Your Cryptos

Move the coins to an exchange such as Binance or Kucoin to trade them for various coins (alt-coins). Move the coins to your laptop-desktop Atomic / Exodus to store them.

Find a good online tutorial and follow along. Don't lose your coins!

Never give out your private keys. Anyone with your private keys can access your cryptos.

What Does A Crypto Key or Address Look Like?

A public or private key (also called address) will look similar to:

Address protocols for coins vary:
BTC (Bitcoin) addresses start with 1: 1Vvp22BBY7Cn6nHIWQQSaF3jhzD9syq2C

ETH (Ethereum) addresses start with 0x: 0xYHdkso937sjs8JLySWSKNdQJtC

LTC (Litecoin) addresses start with L, M or 3: LjNpYd7C811Adkfjd043GDJJso5e

Transaction Confirmation Hashes and Blockchain Explorers

Every wallet has a transaction log

Please watch tutorial video below. Every wallet has a transaction log. You can view your transaction log from inside the wallet.

Each blockchain has its own transaction explorer

You can also view your transaction log on the public blockchains. Each blockchain has its own transaction explorer(s). These explorers are the public list of transactions. Bitcoin uses a Bitcoin Explorer. Ethereum uses an Ethereum Explorer. Solana uses a Solana Explorer, etc.

How To Find Your Blockchain Explorer

To find the blockchain explorer for your coin, 1.) go to, 2.) search for your coin, 3.) select the Explorer tab/drop-down, then 4.) Select a Explorer link for your coin.

Enter your PUBLIC receiving/recipient address in the Explorer search function to see a list of transactions for your address.

How to Trace a Bitcoin Transaction

Caution on Social Media Crypto Scams

Please be sceptical about Social Media crypto offers. Please research carefully. Ask for more information.

Don't Lose Your Coins

If you feel pressured, stop and get off that page/app. Go back later if you want more info. Be especially careful with phone wallet confirmations or browser extension wallets (Metamask) confirmations. Slow down. Make sure to read them carefully. Don't just select 'ok' because you are in a hurry. Don't lose your coins.

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